Confession Time

OK, so when I was growing up I would imagine my life as an adult. I would be organized, my house would always be clean, I would have all the time in the world do what I wanted and life would be wonderful.

HA! Enter real life… I barely have time to relax before I pass out at bed time. I clean house on the weekends, scramble to cook dinner most nights and honestly have to fight to stay awake until the kids get to bed.

So with that said I am going to try to update more often. I have so much to share and so many great ideas to post about. I make no promises though.  The kids are busy, the hubs is busy and I am well you can guess.

Pokemon Birthday

B has recently become obsessed to Pokemon cards. So like any one with a new favorite thing he wanted a Pokemon birthday. I did my research and with some help from pinterest he received the party that he wanted. It wasn’t an all out party like I would normally do, I will admit. We have so much going on and it was a theme I didn’t know much about. I just couldn’t get myself into it.

His invitations were pretty easy to make. I used a cd to make the circles and construction paper to make it look like poke balls.

AS for games we they created their own Pokemon cards, and played Pokemon themed charades. Both ideas I got from pinterest.

I went with really simple decorations of red, black and yellow streamers. He had a Pikachu birthday poster.

He wanted a Pikachu cake, so that’s what I made him. I found a template on pinterest, and modified it just a little. It turned out great!

Party favors consisted of little Pokemon figures that I bought off of Amazon for $6. Each party guest also received some Pokemon cards and marshmallow m&m popcorn. You can find a picture of the popcorn on my Star Wars birthday post.

All in all I think my son enjoyed his big day, and as long as he is happy I will call this party a success!


Elves 2016

I totally have failed in posting anything recent. Oh well!

Here is the Elves from Christmas 2016. This isn’t all of them cause the kids weren’t home with us the entire month of December. The in-wals were in town for a week so they tried their hands at the elf thing. I think they had a lot of fun with it.

Softball birthday party

Bug decided that she wanted a softball themed birthday party this year. So of course I made it happen. I browsed pinterest and pinned several amazing ideas. Then I got to work.

img_20160825_125620 img_20160825_123547

For the invites I used a cd to trace my circle. Yellow paper and red sharpie equals a simple and quick softball invite.

For our game I had to enlist the hubs help. We made a corn hole type throwing game.

img_20160903_145400 img_20160903_152727 img_20160910_134830 img_20160910_134542

We used a piece of plywood and my hubs got to use his saw to cut out the circles. We spray painted the board white and then I used neon spray paint to make the ball. Red acrylic paint for the stripes and black paint pen for the words. We bought the corn bags off of amazon.  We played 2 “innings” and broke the kids into 2 teams. Each kid had a turn to toss. Three “pitches or strikes” and if they left a “Man” on base the next batter(person throwing the bag) could advance the runner. We used a chalk board to help keep score.

img_20160910_133931 img_20160910_132621 img_20160910_132608

The kids also made washer necklaces. We used acrylic paint and sponge brushes. I bought the washers (3/8 x 1-1/4) at Walmart. Once the paint was dry the kids could use paint pens. Once they were complete we sprayed them with sealant. I used silver ribbon to make the chain part of the necklace.

img_20160910_130008-1 img_20160910_130014-1img_20160910_130028

I went with simple decorations. Red and black streamers for her softball team colors. We blew up yellow balloons and I drew the lines on with a red sharpie. She wore her jersey and the hubs and I wore our coaches shirts. I really debated on having the other players that were attending to wear their jerseys, but I figured the people not from our team might have felt left out. With her being the only one it made her birthday more special I think.

Party favors were all food lol. They were made up of bubble gum, sunflower seeds and I made puppy chow with yellow sixlets sprinkled in. Plus the kids had their washer necklaces. No little cheap toys from this party!


Her cake was really simple to make. I used 2 round cake pans. I filled 1 pan a little fuller so the cake would round out a little. Iced it with yellow butter cream icing and added some red stripes. Boom cake was done.  I used yellow sixlets around the base of the cake. It gave it a more finished look. Cupcakes were iced with chocolate butter cream icing. I was going to make them look like a bat, but that didn’t look right as I had to written on the cupcakes.

img_20160910_143500 img_20160910_143533 img_20160910_143658

I love that I can make my kids birthday parties special and individualized. I’m tired from the party, but so worth it!


Focus on the goal

So after my knee issues, the hubs doesn’t want me running any more. I don’t blame him. The idea of running makes me a little nervous that I could re-injure it. With all of this in mind, I switched my work out focus to lifting. I can honestly say I am in amazing shape. I now weigh 103 lbs, of well muscle. I have been working out 6 days a week. I have a meal coach and a trainer that I work with. I’m even planning on competing in a bikini body builder competition.

What can I say, I’m competition driven. If I have something that I am competing in as an end goal I am able to stay focused easier.

I just wanted to brag a little, as I did an exercise earlier this week that had me squat 100 lbs. I made it look easy. (It wasn’t). Plus my knee is bent below parallel! That in and of itself is amazing. Doing that exercise was the first time I was able to go below parallel since before I hurt my knee.

IMG_20160827_172105_01 imagejpeg_2 (1) IMG_20160827_172100_01

Knee recovery 6 months post op

I went and saw my knee surgeon yesterday. Everything is still healing nicely. My bend is as good as my left leg so that’s a win! He still wants me to keep stretching out. Not as straight as it could be, and it will help with my knee getting stuck when it is bent for too long.

I no longer have to wear my brace during controlled cardio, such as the elliptical. I plan on still wearing at I lift, and if I’m doing something like playing basketball.

Yay me!


Our first family vacation

We finally took the kids to the most magical place on Earth. It was our first official family vacation, and we managed to not kill each other!

For starters we decided to road trip it. A massive thank you to whoever decided books should have an audio option! We listened to Harry Potter book3 and most of book 4.  The kids also had their travel bags thanks to my mom. She even wrapped up prizes this go round. We left on a Thursday night and made it Saturday evening. We stopped about 3 hours from home Thursday night and then decided to make a detour for our Friday night stop. We went to New Orleans people.

IMG_20160618_090307 IMG_20160617_204626 IMG_20160617_223727 IMG_20160618_065457 IMG_20160618_082557


We stayed at the Holiday Inn near the Super Dome. It was a pretty decent stay. The beds were comfy and we were within walking distance to the French Quarter. Yes we are those parents that took their kids to the French Quarter at 8pm on a Friday night. We did a good job of finding a restaurant quickly if you get my drift. We ate gator and oysters too.  Look at us being all adventurous. The kids had beads thrown to them from a balcony and the next more we ate beigniets at Cafe Du Mond and hit the road.

We stayed at the Mystic Dunes Resort in Celebration FL. I would recommend staying there. It was kid friendly, quiet, and the pool was open late. Our villa had a screened in porch too. The bed was comfy and the bathroom was huge. We did end up with a small pool each time we used the master shower lol.

We spent 5 whirl wind days at the Disney parks. We fast passed everything that we could. You can schedule 3 fast passes a day and when you check into you third thing you can add another. So we used that to our advantage. We all had so much fun and made some wonderful memories. The storm troopers at Hollywood studios were awesome. They interacted with the kids and even chased B when he ran from them yelling Stop and Halt. Bug was picked to pull the sword from the stone and she met her favorite princess. Our favorite ride was Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom.

IMG_20160623_121631 IMG_20160623_112216 IMG_20160622_170931 IMG_20160622_165158 IMG_20160621_153156 IMG_20160620_124316 IMG_20160619_135439 IMG_20160619_125110 IMG_20160619_093626 IMG_20160623_220246

We went down to Miami to go to the beach (were we got crazy burnt) and to go to the Marlins vs Cubs game. Our Cubbies didn’t win, but we had great seats and managed to get a couple of autographs. We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott is South Beach. The room was decent, we had a balcony overlooking the pool. They had 2 different pools and we were right on the beach.

IMG_20160624_125318 IMG_20160625_152244 IMG_20160625_160725 IMG_20160625_174424

We left Sunday morning drove all day, stopped for the night and then got home around 5pm. Not bad for driving 20 hours right?

All in all, we have decided that our vacation was a success. We did decide that if we go back to Florida there is a great chance that we will fly instead of drive lol.

Obviously this isn’t all of our vacation details or pictures. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.




Preschool graduation 2016

This year our preschool graduation theme was Wizard of oz. Our graduates sang Off to see the wizard as they walked into the room. Instead of a when I grow up, or my favorite thing about school presentation they presented what they would ask the wizard for.

Our decorations were minimal, but they were a perfect backdrop.

IMG_20160520_103239 IMG_20160520_103252 IMG_20160520_104027 IMG_20160520_104041 IMG_20160520_104048 IMG_20160520_104034

Our Summer kickoff also had Wizard of Oz themed games.

Pin the heart on the tin man, Flying Monkey Knock Down, Stuff the Scarecrow and witch hat ring toss.


At this moment I can’t get the other photos to upload. I’ll keep trying 🙂

Hello fresh

So a couple of weeks ago my mother in law sent me an email with a code to receive a free box of food from Hello Fresh. I was a little skeptical, but it was free.

Here is my experience.

IMG_20160504_192328 IMG_20160504_192103

It arrived wrapped in the cold storage bubble wrap and on ice packs. Inside the box were the fresh  ingredients to make two meals.

That night I made the chicken with apricot glaze.


It took me a little longer to prep it, but I had the meal cooked and read to eat in about 45 minutes. IMG_20160504_200706

It was pretty tasty. The kids and hubs enjoyed it too.


The nice thing is that I have the recipe, so if I want to recreate it with out ordering it I can. Will I order a box of food that’s not for free, eh. I might if they offer me a box that looks really tasty. Otherwise I will stick to buying my groceries at the store. I honestly didn’t find it any easier other than all the ingredients were in the same spot.

Now if you want to try it I do have a discount code. You won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t use it. If you do use it enjoy your food!


Knee recovery 3 months out

I am now three months past my knee surgery. My knee pops often which is about freaky because I will just be walking along and pop!  Scares the crap out if me every time.

Here is the happy news… I got my bend back! It takes a lot of effort and it isn’t the most enjoyable feeling, but I did it!

My right leg is considerably smaller than my left muscle wise. It looks like a chicken leg and is obviously weaker. I have been told it will take months to get the muscle built back up.


My physical therapist has instructed me to do single leg work at about 30% of the weight I would lift with both legs. So I do single leg curls and single leg leg press


All in all my recovery is still on track. I can use the elliptical, (my mile is 8:35  say What!).  I also do lunges and air squats.

I actually do my squats on a half exercise ball thing. It is a little more challenging and it work on my lack of balance.


I go to the Dr next week.