1 week after surgery

Today is officially 1 week after my surgery. I am still a little sore, swollen and brused. IMG_20160120_082643IMG_20160120_082636

I started physical therapy on Monday and I’m about able to straighten my leg! I haven’t been able to fully straighten my leg for months. Does a mental happy dance, as a real one would probably be a bad idea.

So far for PT  I do hamstring stretches, heel slides, tighten my quad and release it, and I get the fun emp things.  I can do all of the exercises at home as well, besides the emp.IMG_20160118_131818

I am walking with both crutches, and putting a slight amount of weight on my leg. Next week at therapy we are going to work on using only 1 crutch.

I see the end in sight. It’s a while off but I see it. It’s like I’m in the 11th mile of a half marathon.

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