100th day of school

Today was my kids 100th day of school for this year. My school celebrated ours a couple of weeks ago. My school didn’t really do anything for it. My kids primary school on the  other hand went all out. the kindergarten classes dressed up like they were 100 years old. My son looked adorable! He said they watched 101 Dalmations. They made 100 hats and necklaces with 100 fruit loops on them. He ate that as soon as he got in the car lol.  He really had fun today.  My daughters first grade class is celebrating the 101st day. They too are going to watch the movie and she is taking in 101 little pony tail holders.

I know that my school could have gotten more creative, but I am loving how fun my kids school made the day.

Here is my son with his white hair and beard. I used left over spider webbing from when I made his tornado costume. Not sure what I’m talking about, click here for the link to that post.



He was making his old man face. I guess he is going to be a grumpy old man lol.

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