4 days until surgery

I has my pre-op on Wednesday. I am all set for surgery next Wednesday. Fully functional knee here I come!

No vitamins, supplements, or anti-inflammatory meds. I can still take my prescription pain medicine, and tylenol. I can also drink alcohol up until 24 hours before surgery. That one confuses me a little. I guess because after an hour the one drink would be though my system?

I will admit that I have been stressing myself out. I am a planner.  I want to be as organized possible before I am unable to move. Makes sense right?  I have been everything a priority. Even the things I probably wouldn’t even worry about until 3 months from now.  If I’m driving myself crazy… I just…I… apologize… to everyone.

Any food suggestions? I’m running out of ideas.

Sorry! I can’t help! I have to be able to know we will live off something other than frozen pizza.


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