Apple gravy

For our wedding reception dinner 9ish years ago we had pork loin with apple gravy. I finally created a recipe that is close to what we had.  For starters I always rub down my pork loin with olive oil and salt and pepper before I throw it in the oven. The salt and spice really go well with the sweetness of the gravy.

Now onto the gravy.

Dice up an apple and saute it in butter.


Once they are starting to get mushy you can either mash them a little or leave them as is. It depends on my mood on what I do.

I then make a roux with apple juice and flour.

IMG_20140708_191130 IMG_20140708_191532

Add the roux to the sauteed apples, and stir. If it is too thick add some more juice. If it isn’t thick enough add a little more flour. I really just kind of mix it up until I get the thickness I want.

Once it is done spoon some over a slice of the roast and enjoy!


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