Book review: A Girls Guide to Witchcraft


A Girls Guide to Witchcraft By: Mindy Klasky

I snagged this as on e of the free Kindle books from Amazon. It sounded like a fun quick read. Quick yes, fun not so much.

It started out great. Mousy library worker Jane has to take a pay cut and move. She moves into the library’s cottage and finds a key to the basement. Du Du Dun in the basement is a spell book and she reads a page from it. Wam bam what do you know she is a witch! You would think she would be all about learning the who, what, and hows but she is reluctant and absorbed in her imaginary love life.  I at first thought that she would move to focusing on herself and her new skills, but it never happened. I became annoyed and even though I finished the book, I would not read the next one. This book could have been a good read.


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