B’s shark brithday

As you know, I try to go all out for the kids birthday parties. We celebrated B’s 6th birthday a couple days early and he wanted a shark theme.  So off to Pinterest I go to find shark ideas.

First up was the games. I borrowed the idea for a chum toss game from here. I did change it up a little though. Besides the chum toss game we played pass the shark. I found it on Pinterest too.

Here are our games.

IMG_20150214_132129 IMG_20150214_125102 IMG_20150214_131940

We didn’t leave the game on the wall because I used two red socks filled with rice as our chum. I didn’t want the kids throwin the “chum” so hard that it damaged the wall. Honestly the kids didn’t really get into it, and were ready to move on after each one had a couple of turns.

IMG_20150214_141620 IMG_20150214_141442

The second game was pass the shark. I bought the stuffed shark on Amazon. It is now named shark bait and my son’s new favorite stuffed animal. Yay for dual purpose purchases! The way we played the game is like hot potato and musical chairs. The kids sat in a circle and passed “Shark Bait”  around while the Jaws song played. As the song picked up speed to the dundundun whoever had the shark was eaten. That one moved out of the circle and watched for the next person to be eaten. The kids really liked this one. They played 4 times!

Decorations were pretty simple. I found a shark table cloth, plates and such at Walmart. I made the big poster that I always make and a big shark fin. Then we hung up streamers and balloons.  I had to call a friend in to help me get the house decorated because I was fighting with the cake. So A big thanks to my friend!

IMG_20150214_125206 IMG_20150214_124955                                                                                                             IMG_20150214_125052


Onto my poor poor attempt a shark cake. I found so may ideas on Pinterest for this cake. There were a couple that would have been much easier, but alas the hubs though that this was the cake for B. I did all that I could…but uh I was ready to throw the cake out the window. The cake crumbled coming our of the pan, and would crumble more each time I tried to ice it. My patience ran very thin. So the shark cake turned out ok, but could have been better. All that matters is that B liked it right?

IMG_20150214_125821 IMG_20150214_125004



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