B’s Star Wars birthday

I think that B’s Star Wars party was a success. He was so happy, and had so much fun with his friends. Of course Pinterest was a huge help! I also purchased his invites from etsy, but I don’t have a picture of them.

For the decorations I went pretty minimal. I printed off the banner letters, storm trooper faces and movie quotes from here. I did write out the big posters and drew the Darth Vader poster.

IMG_20160220_143917 IMG_20160216_074756 IMG_20160220_130449

For party favors, I made pool noodle light sabers. I bought the pool noodles on amazon. I cut them half, wrapped one end with black duct tape and used a silver sharpe to add a little detail. We used them in two of our party games.

IMG_20160215_223633 IMG_20160220_130456

I also made Star Wars popcorn, to put in their goody bags. I used this recipe. I used two bags of microwave kettle corn, and used mini m and m’s.  I love how the candy pops out!


I also printed off these masks. I printed, cut them out and then glued them to card stock to make them sturdier. I used thin elastic to hold them on the kids heads, but you could easily use ribbon or yarn instead.


For our games, we played find Darth Vader. I used a little Darth Vader eraser that I bought at Target in the dollar section.  The kids would close their eyes and I would hide it. Then the hunt was on.

We also played King of the Mountain with our light sabers. The kids went one on one and whoever tapped the other with the light saber was the winner. Bug won. Maybe we should sign her up for fencing. Look at that form!


We also played a baseball type game. They used their light sabers as bats and they had to hit the Darth Vader ball. I purchased it at Walmart.

IMG_20160220_140042  IMG_20160220_135817

It helps that B’s grandpa is a Star Wars fan and dressed up as a Jedi for Halloween last year.  This meant we had our very own Jedi for our party. B was pumped because he didn’t remember asking his grandpa to dress up.  A huge thanks to my step dad for being such a great sport!

IMG_20160220_134205                              IMG_20160220_142533IMG_20160220_142823


B wanted a BB-8 cake. It was actually pretty simple and I think it turned out as my best one yet! The hubs said it looked store bought. It took two circle cakes, with one cake cut in half for the top. I used my buttercream recipe.

IMG_20160220_094423 IMG_20160220_095850 IMG_20160220_102841IMG_20160220_130426



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