Focus on the goal

So after my knee issues, the hubs doesn’t want me running any more. I don’t blame him. The idea of running makes me a little nervous that I could re-injure it. With all of this in mind, I switched my work out focus to lifting. I can honestly say I am in amazing shape. I now weigh 103 lbs, of well muscle. I have been working out 6 days a week. I have a meal coach and a trainer that I work with. I’m even planning on competing in a bikini body builder competition.

What can I say, I’m competition driven. If I have something that I am competing in as an end goal I am able to stay focused easier.

I just wanted to brag a little, as I did an exercise earlier this week that had me squat 100 lbs. I made it look easy. (It wasn’t). Plus my knee is bent below parallel! That in and of itself is amazing. Doing that exercise was the first time I was able to go below parallel since before I hurt my knee.

IMG_20160827_172105_01 imagejpeg_2 (1) IMG_20160827_172100_01

Knee recovery 6 months post op

I went and saw my knee surgeon yesterday. Everything is still healing nicely. My bend is as good as my left leg so that’s a win! He still wants me to keep stretching out. Not as straight as it could be, and it will help with my knee getting stuck when it is bent for too long.

I no longer have to wear my brace during controlled cardio, such as the elliptical. I plan on still wearing at I lift, and if I’m doing something like playing basketball.

Yay me!


Knee recovery 3 months out

I am now three months past my knee surgery. My knee pops often which is about freaky because I will just be walking along and pop!  Scares the crap out if me every time.

Here is the happy news… I got my bend back! It takes a lot of effort and it isn’t the most enjoyable feeling, but I did it!

My right leg is considerably smaller than my left muscle wise. It looks like a chicken leg and is obviously weaker. I have been told it will take months to get the muscle built back up.


My physical therapist has instructed me to do single leg work at about 30% of the weight I would lift with both legs. So I do single leg curls and single leg leg press


All in all my recovery is still on track. I can use the elliptical, (my mile is 8:35  say What!).  I also do lunges and air squats.

I actually do my squats on a half exercise ball thing. It is a little more challenging and it work on my lack of balance.


I go to the Dr next week.

Knee recovery 2 months out

I am now 2 months post acl replacement and meniscus trim. The swelling is down, my scar is healing and I can straighten my knee. The weirdest thing so far is breaking the scar tissue. My knee will pop aa it happens and I can feel things moving around.



My bend is currently at 122 degrees. If you recall my Dr wants my bend to be closer to 140. One of the fun therapy exercises that I do to improve my bend is to pull my foot forward towards my head. Kind of like a quad stretch. I use a scarf at home but I use yoga straps in therapy.


I am using the elliptical, leg press, leg curl, and a few movement and balance exercises. I am still wearing my brace like a good girl unless I’m asleep, in therapy or at the gym.

I have about another month before I go back to the Dr. He will fit me for my athletic brace at that time. I also hope he tells me I can walk and such without my post surgery brace.

All in all, I’m improving. I am looking forward to the day I can run again!


Knee week 3 1/2

I had my post op today. My Dr removed the steristrip over my sutures and my sutures. The scar is pretty jagged. He suggested scar cream. I haven’t tried it yet.


He went over the pictures from my surgery All in all everything went great. I still have about 90% of my meniscus, and my acl is currently being held with plastic screws that will eventually dissolve. The swelling will also continue to go down.


The chances of me re-tearing my meniscus or acl is about 5%. The chances of my left knee tearing is about 10-15%. I just have to try not to worry about it.

Here is my least favorite therapy exercise. You allow gravity to pull your leg straight. If gravity isn’t enough you can add an ankle weight. You can see I still have a long way to go compared to my left leg.



1 week after surgery

Today is officially 1 week after my surgery. I am still a little sore, swollen and brused. IMG_20160120_082643IMG_20160120_082636

I started physical therapy on Monday and I’m about able to straighten my leg! I haven’t been able to fully straighten my leg for months. Does a mental happy dance, as a real one would probably be a bad idea.

So far for PT  I do hamstring stretches, heel slides, tighten my quad and release it, and I get the fun emp things.  I can do all of the exercises at home as well, besides the emp.IMG_20160118_131818

I am walking with both crutches, and putting a slight amount of weight on my leg. Next week at therapy we are going to work on using only 1 crutch.

I see the end in sight. It’s a while off but I see it. It’s like I’m in the 11th mile of a half marathon.

3 days post surgery

I was able to shower today!

It took some time to get situated, but I think it was the best shower I have had in a long time.

We put a chair outside the shower so I could get undressed. Then still in my brace, using my crutches and with the hubs help I got in. Our shower has a built-in bench so I was able to sit and shower.

I was also able to see what my knee looks like. I no longer need it wrapped, but I have to continue to wear my brace and stay off of it. IMG_20160116_110433



Knee surgery

Yesterday I had my zombie ligament put in. I had two nerve block shots before I went back to surgery. It numbed me so well that I’m just now feeling my toes.

They replaced my acl with a cadaver ligament and they trimed up my meniscus.

I’m not feeling the best, but so far my pain meds are controlling the pain meds and Zofran controlling the pukey feeling.

IMG_20160113_103357 at the hospital before surgery.

14527925181201079955770 1 day after surgery. The brace is set to not let me bend my knee. As I go to physical therapy they will adjust the brace so I can bend it.

4 days until surgery

I has my pre-op on Wednesday. I am all set for surgery next Wednesday. Fully functional knee here I come!

No vitamins, supplements, or anti-inflammatory meds. I can still take my prescription pain medicine, and tylenol. I can also drink alcohol up until 24 hours before surgery. That one confuses me a little. I guess because after an hour the one drink would be though my system?

I will admit that I have been stressing myself out. I am a planner.  I want to be as organized possible before I am unable to move. Makes sense right?  I have been everything a priority. Even the things I probably wouldn’t even worry about until 3 months from now.  If I’m driving myself crazy… I just…I… apologize… to everyone.

Any food suggestions? I’m running out of ideas.

Sorry! I can’t help! I have to be able to know we will live off something other than frozen pizza.


The PT pain

I had my first physical therapy session today. He said the goal is to improve my mobility and strength so I heal faster after surgery. I’m all “sounds good to me, let’s do this”. It didn’t even hurt during the session. It hurts now, 5 hours later. GAH!

I have knee straightening exercise to do at home, and a giant rubber band to use too. Every day, twice a day until surgery. Then I get to do it all over again.  I  will go to PT twice a week for three weeks and do my exercises at home. The most painful one to do is to lay on my stomach and let my legs hang off the bed. Gravity makes my leg straighten!!

The good news is that after all of this done, I will walk without a limp and be able to bend and straighten my knee.

Then after surgery we get to do it all over again. My zombie leg will make me proud. Plus if there is ever a zombie apocalypse they won’t go after me as they will feel like I am one of them. I’m thinking ahead…