I’m torn up

Finally met with Ortho . I have a complete tear of my right ACL, and a deep tear of my meniscus.  From the MRI they think that I had also torn a minor ligament but that one healed on its own.  I am no longer on my crutches or in the brace. I also start physical therapy next week. The Dr wants me to work on my mobility before surgery. My surgery is scheduled for January 13th.  I’m looking forward to having my knee back. They said that I should be back to running 3-4 months after surgery.



Messed up Meniscus

I managed to mess up my knee yesterday playing kickball.  It was my 4th game of the day and I was running from 1st to 2nd. I felt my knee slide in and out if that makes sense. It was such a weird feeling. I of course stopped sunning, yelled i’m hurt and in swoops the hubs like a super hero. Off to the er we went. Yay for x-rays! They couldn’t see any fluid building up so they don’t think I tore it. That is a blessing! I am now stuck in a knee immobilizer and on crutches for at least a week. Crutches are freaking evil! I feel useless and it sucks that I’m not able to even walk. As long as I feel no pain when I put weight on that leg after a week I won’t need to call the ortho dr.  My knee is crazy swollen though!


One foot in front of the other

All you have to do is get up and put one foot in front of the other. It doesn’t matter how fast or far you go. The more you run, walk or jog the faster and farther you will go each time.

Ok with that said, on to me and my running. Ever since I screwed up my IT band while training I have been struggling. I can make all of the excuses I want, but it won’t make up for the fact that I have lost conditioning and I know the lack of exercise has been messing up my moods and how I feel. Yes, we have been busy with all the ball going on. Yes, I have been working a lot. Yes, I haven’t been gong to the gym due to the other two points I just mentioned. (Plus I’m not really sure I like my new gym).

My point is, I have been running when the urge hits me. I’m not running far and I don’t feel like I am going fast (my pace watch says differently. Thankfully!!) Either way when I get going I keep putting one foot in front of the other. I listen to my music and when I feel like I have ran enough I quit. I’m not training so it’s not a huge deal that I’m not running my ass off.

Tonight I ran 2 miles, and let the stress fly away.  I need to run more often and I will now that things are slowing back down.

I truly enjoy working out. I was an athlete when I was younger. Then I lost my mojo for a while. Thankfully I found it again and I feel better, I’m healthier and the hubs and I are teaching our kids to be healthy through example.

I will leave you with my random thoughts of the run.

1. I should have peed before I started.

2. I bet my neighbors that are outside think I’m crazy for running in circles.

3. Wow commercials suck. I need my premium spotify back.

4. I’m going to blog about this. 🙂

You may not like running. You may think I’m crazy (you can join my neighbors on that one). I like it, it challenges me and helps me relax. What do you enjoy? Let me know and I might try it out. I recently read about gyms having parkour classes. I think that would be frickin’ awesome. Who’s with me?

IMG_20150629_202141 IMG_20150629_202119

Ab work

Yesterday at the gym I used resistance bands to work my abs. I held the handle of the bands behind my neck with my elbows up by me ears. On my knees I crunched into a for lack of a better word ball.  By using the resistance band I worked my abs hard. They hurt today, and it has been a while since any core exercises made me hurt. Abs of steel baby!

Here are some pictures of me doing the exercise. My kids were in charge of the picture taking so they may not be the best but it will give you the gist of the move.

IMG_20150124_100200                         IMG_20150124_095808 IMG_20150124_095854 IMG_20150124_095856

Foam rolling

After a long run, I have to roll my sore and tight muscles out. If I don’t I won’t be able to walk very well the next day. There are different types and sizes of rollers. There is also a variety of moves that can be done. I typically start rolling my hamstrings first and then move my legs from side to side. I will roll each part of my muscles paying attention to the parts that hurt more and roll on that spot until it doesn’t hurt anymore.

IMG_20150118_163043 IMG_20150118_150811

Pink eye…

Pink eye also known as conjunctivitous is a pink, watery itchy, burning and sometimes goopy eye infection. There are different types and causes for it. Sadly, it has been spreading throughout my school. We have been sending students home and parents have been taking them to dr. Any student that we send home+

with a possible case of pink eye must be seen by a Dr. They have to be on antibiotics for it or have a drs note saying that what they have is not pink eye.

Well my kids have been out of school for Christmas break and have been coming to my school with me. Tonight before bed, Bug came up to me with a pink watery eye and she says it itches. Convient care is closed and I know that eventually it will go away on its own (if it gets too bad we will head to the Dr for antibiotic drops). This isn’t my first go round with pink eye. I have done eye drops from the Dr. and I have let it do its thing and use warm compresses until it was gone. It sucked but it worked.

Well off to Pinterest I went to see what I could use that we all ready have in the house. I saw many different blogs saying to use honey and tea or even breast milk.  1. I think honey would be a big mess, and it will have to wait to be tried sometime other than right before bed. 2. We don’t drink tea. 3. My kids are 5 and 7. I stopped nursing a long time ago.  Then I stumbled upon one that suggested coconut oil at this link That I have.  In fact I always have coconut oil. It is awesome at softening skin, killing lice and conditioning dry hair.

This is the brand that I use: 41W9nFEvMQL._SY300_

So I put some coconut oil on a cotton ball, and had Bug hold it to her closed eye for about 20 minutes. She fell asleep while doing this so I’m not sure how it has worked so far. After the 20 minutes were up I took a warm rag and wiped the coconut oil off. I know that warm compresses help relive the pain, and de-goop the eye. I guess we will have to wait and see how she is doing in the morning.



I tried yoga today.

This morning I ran three miles on a treadmill. It is getting cold here and I really don’t like the cold. After that I went to my very first yoga class. I have tried doing the yoga dvds and I have even tried a couple of you tube videos. It was a little awkward because I knew some of the moves the instructor wanted us to do. I did some of them correctly and others she had to redirect me so that I was doing the pose right. It was I guess for the lack of a better word intense. The environment was calming and  music was soothing. They had the heat up high, which I know is to help relax the muscles. I will go back and try it again. I felt more limber once I was done and I’m sure after another class I will be more relaxed as well.  Here’s to a new fitness routine.

Zombie run update

For starters, I had a blast. My team was so much fun to run with! I’ll give some details on how the race worked. It was a 5k fun run.Each runner had two balloons tied to them and if they were popped by a zombie, you died. Zombies didn’t run around chasing you. They were set up in different spots around the course and the runners had to get through a group of roughly 7-8 zombies. I sadly died running through the last group of zombies. I knew the people that were the zombies, so I yelled at them not to get me. Like a true zombie they got me anyway.  Costumes were encouraged for the race. I went as a pirate and I made a amazeballs shirt. One of my team mates went as little red riding hood.

Here are some pics  to enjoy of me well running lol.

To make the shirt I used a plain white t-shirt and printed off the pirate skull from google images. Used a black and a red sharpie and it turned out great! On a sad note I washed it and now its got a little pink going on since the red bled.

IMG_20141031_212827 IMG_20141101_170551 (1)IMG_20141101_162843

My own workout

The gym workouts lately have been named after the people at the gym.  The workout named after me was rough. I  would like to think it was named after me because I am tough, but probably not lol. Since this workout I haven’t really been feeling it. I have ran and went to the gym like I have been, but without motivation. My guess is all of the stress that I am under, Big changes happening in my random life. I have been offered a promotion and  not sure what to do about it. Humph!


Check it out..try it out… I can show you the moves if you need me to. Happy working out.