Elves 2016

I totally have failed in posting anything recent. Oh well!

Here is the Elves from Christmas 2016. This isn’t all of them cause the kids weren’t home with us the entire month of December. The in-wals were in town for a week so they tried their hands at the elf thing. I think they had a lot of fun with it.

Elves week 4 2015

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I know that we had a wonderful day. This was our last week with Holly and Elvin until next year. We are getting closer to the time when they will stop believing in the Big Man in red and that means the magic will leave our elves too. I am keeping my fingers crossed for at least one more year.

IMG_20151220_230333 Sunday night the elves made sure to hope in the bag the kids were taking to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  I don’t have a picture of what they did at my Mom’s on Monday night, but the Elves brought coloring books with colored pencils, and ducky finger nail brushes.

IMG_20151222_223803 IMG_20151222_223807 Tuesday night they dressed up like Dr.s . This really helped Bug go into her surgery for ear tubes Wednesday morning. (I used paper towels to make the lab coats. Fold the two outer sides in and cut arm holes).

The Hospital was so awesome that Dr. Holly was even allowed in the OR. As you can see Holly didn’t leaver her side before, during or after her surgery. Bug is healing up great!

IMG_20151223_064636  IMG_20151223_084724 (1)

IMG_20151223_223439 Wednesday night they brought the Santa key. Our fire place is electric so Santa uses the magic key to come in our house. (We got the key on sale after Christmas a couple of years ago at Hobby Lobby).

IMG_20151224_203023 IMG_20151224_203044 IMG_20151224_203357 

Last night we said good bye. B was full of love and told Elvin and Jack he would miss them and see them next year. Bug was a bit emotional that she had to say goodbye until next year.

IMG_20151224_203157 This is too funny not to share.


IMG_20151225_182057 Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2016 from my family to yours!


Elves week 3 2015

We have been crazy busy! Between getting ready for Christmas and the hubs ear surgery and Bug’s ear surgery. I’m tired. I know technically we are in week 4, and I will try to post that one tomorrow.

IMG_20151212_231315 IMG_20151212_231326 The Elves brought items to make Jingled bags! This was a first for us, and my kids were kind of eh about it. That is until they got to run up to a door, leave the bag, ring the bell and hall booty back to my car lol. Not sure if we will do it again next year. It was fun to spread some anonymous Christmas cheer. I got the jingled letter here .

IMG_20151213_215327 The Elves also took some time to focus on why we celebrate Christmas. The kids thought it was hilarious that Holly, Elvin and the reindeer put themselves in the nativity scene.

IMG_20151214_233156 They also acted like ornaments on our tree!

IMG_20151215_215722 Read a book with Santa.

IMG_20151216_225429 Brought a mini coloring pack with stickers.

IMG_20151217_221801 Rolled around in a packing tube.

IMG_20151218_215902 Helped clean the house. I was really hoping this would motivate the kids to help me clean, but all the kids did was finish sweeping up the pile that Holly and Elvin started. It was worth a shot.

IMG_20151219_234316 They also had a healthy midnight snack.

This past week , the Elves weren’t too creative and fun. Granted they have been visiting us for years and it was a stressful week. I feel things could have been a little bit more creative.

Elves week 2 2015

IMG_20151204_223723  On the first night of the second week Holly and Elvin made a fort and read a book.


IMG_20151205_220019 IMG_20151205_220042 The next night, the Elves had a nerf gun fight.

IMG_20151206_231816  They got into my stuff and made the kids Christmas pillow cases.

IMG_20151207_214802 They sumo wrestled in bubble wrap.


IMG_20151208_215524 IMG_20151208_215539  Food fight with puffercorn! $2 at dollar store.

IMG_20151209_220711 They got into the kids clothes too!


IMG_20151211_221147  They tp’d the tree! We are in the process of getting it all set up, and they got impatient for it to be decorated.

IMG_20151212_185915 Of course the Elves made the visit to see Santa.


Elves week 1 2015

Holly, Elvin, Bella and Jingle are back. B is calling Jingle, Jack so I guess the reindeer changed his name lol.


On the first night, they decided to bungee jump from our kitchen light with a red and green slinky.


The next night they brought the kids some Christmas Mad Libs. You can grab them here.

IMG_20151128_224003 IMG_20151129_090346 IMG_20151129_090334

The next night the elves wrapped the kids bathroom toilet seat. It was not a good morning when the kids woke up. They unwrapped the seat and got upset. Bug was actually in tears. Granted she did have bronchitis. It was for sure a fail.


On the first of December the Elves brought Advent calendars.


The next night was a “Oh crap I didn’t do something with Elves” moment. So they ended up kick backed on the couch reading magazines.


B’s favorite game is currently tic tac toe. I found this awesome Christmas themed tic tac toe game at the Dollar Store.


Last night the Elves had a midnight snack. The kids thought it was hilarious that they had some cereal in the middle of the night.




Christmas wreath

I decided that I wanted to add to our Christmas decor. So off to Hobby Lobby ( 50% off on Christmas items) I go (with the kids). The kids were a great help, as the three of us couldn’t agree on anything. After about an hour and a half we checked out. I had to make a couple executive decisions, and compromises.

IMG_20151128_153646  So we have our blank wreath, the letter J for our last name, red ribbon with gold threads and a few things to stick in the wreath.

IMG_20151128_161626 The hardest part was wrapping the J. I cut the ribbon in sections, and matched it up on the J. I actually used stick glue to help it lay smooth and then hot glued the ends on the back.

IMG_20151128_164625 The finished J.

image (1) To attach the J to the wreath, I used duct tape and zip ties. It was a bit of a struggle, but the easiest method I could think of.

IMG_20151128_165715 I am so happy with the finished product. Once I figured out where I wanted the accessories to go, all I had to do was secure them by bending their wires into the wreath.

I can’t wait to hang it on my door!


Malificent and Dragon Costume

This Halloween my kids decieded to be Malificent and the dragon. So off to pinterest I go for some ideas, and I came up with a plan. Malificent was pretty easy.

The Malificent costume was pretty easy.I purchased a long black maxi skirt, long sleeved black shirt black boots and a black cape.  I made her staff out of a wrapping paper tube wrapped in black duck tape and a styrofoam ball painted green and glitter glued. Her horn was tin foil shaped like horns, wrapped in black duck tape and then taped to a head band. Then wala it was done.

The dragon was more time consuming for sure. I bought about 2 yards of black fabric, black felt, black hoodie and sweat pants, a black poster board, stuffing and liquid stitch. I first cut out and hand sewed the tail pieces together. When I cut it I went from wide to a rounded tip. Then I sewed it together and left a large enough hole to be able to stuff it. I used two long scraps as a way to tie the tail to my son. I then used cut the black felt into triangles and liquid stitched them to make them stand up. That was the hardest part! The wings were poster board. I wrapped them in black duct tape to make them stand out. I safety pinned the wings to his shirt.

IMG_20151025_202758 IMG_20151025_202824 IMG_20151031_135239 IMG_20151031_135249IMG_20151031_135321

Last week with the Elves.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! We had a very busy and fun last few days with Holly and Elvin visiting us. I know that Bug and B will be looking forward to the next year.

IMG_20141220_214956 IMG_20141220_215009 The elves used Christmas streamers to block the kids hallway. It was so fun to hear the kids laughing and pulling the streamers down.

IMG_20141221_224132 The next night the elves played in some snow. We haven’t had any snow yet, so I guess they brought some from the North Pole. It ended up all over the kitchen table and floor when the kids found them.

IMG_20141222_231348 The elves brought mini chalkboards tow days before they had to leave. It was a good thought, but the kids broke the chalk pretty quick. Plus chalk dust ended up everywhere.

IMG_20141224_220419 On the Eve of Christmas Eve the Elves brought the Santa key.  We don’t have a chimney so Santa uses the magic key to come in the house and leave the presents.

IMG_20141224_220431 IMG_20141224_220535 On Christmas Eve Holly and Elvin left with Santa. We will see them again next year on teh day after Thanksgiving.

Elves week 4

It’s the final countdown! 5 more nights of Holly and Elvin until next year. This past week has been a little crazy. There have been a couple of nights that I reused to get back up to do something with the elves, and then had to make a mad dash around the house in the morning. With that mentioned here is what  Holly and Elvin have done this week.

IMG_20141215_223313 On Sunday they climbed the tree. AT least they were smart and climbed with something to help them.

Monday  night they brought the kids little Lego sets. B woke up to go to the bathroom, investigated where Elvin was and then proceeded to wake up C so she could play too. All of this fun happened around 4:30 am.

IMG_20141217_222113 Tuesday night they made Minion’s out of bananas. The kids really got a kick out of it. They took the banana minions to school and showed them to their friends. Then they ate them for lunch. It’s was pretty easy to make. I taped the googly eyes on and then used a Sharpee to draw the minion bodies and overalls.

Wednesday night wan’t anything special. It was one of the nights I didn’t want to do anything. I don’t even remember what it was they did. Sheesh Mom elf fail sorry.

Thursday night they underweared the big tree and the kids little tree in their bathroom. I thought about hanging a pair of the hubby’s boxers with the kids undies but decided he wouldn’t be thrilled. The kids thought it was funny and gross all at the same time.

Friday night Bug had a friend spend the night. The elves brought 3 little toy figures. That way B and C and C’s friend each had something. I hid the figures and put a note in the bathroom asking ” did you find your gifts”? This had all 3 running around the house looking. I hid them in the kids coat pockets. It took a while.

With only a few days left of Elfing this year, I’m not sure what Holly and Elvin will get up to. I guess we will have to wait and see.


Elves week 3

This past week our Elves decorated the kids rooms with glow in the dark stars. Then they wrote on the mirror twinkle twinkle little star.

IMG_20141208_225147 IMG_20141208_225120

After that the week kind of went down hill. Holly and Elvin got stuck on top of the fridge because the kids wouldn’t listen and behave. They wrote a letter explaining why and what needed to be done for them to come back down.


Once the kids got it back under control Holly and Elvin were able to come back down, and have been up to their normal fun and games.