Pokemon Birthday

B has recently become obsessed to Pokemon cards. So like any one with a new favorite thing he wanted a Pokemon birthday. I did my research and with some help from pinterest he received the party that he wanted. It wasn’t an all out party like I would normally do, I will admit. We have so much going on and it was a theme I didn’t know much about. I just couldn’t get myself into it.

His invitations were pretty easy to make. I used a cd to make the circles and construction paper to make it look like poke balls.

AS for games we they created their own Pokemon cards, and played Pokemon themed charades. Both ideas I got from pinterest.

I went with really simple decorations of red, black and yellow streamers. He had a Pikachu birthday poster.

He wanted a Pikachu cake, so that’s what I made him. I found a template on pinterest, and modified it just a little. It turned out great!

Party favors consisted of little Pokemon figures that I bought off of Amazon for $6. Each party guest also received some Pokemon cards and marshmallow m&m popcorn. You can find a picture of the popcorn on my Star Wars birthday post.

All in all I think my son enjoyed his big day, and as long as he is happy I will call this party a success!


Softball birthday party

Bug decided that she wanted a softball themed birthday party this year. So of course I made it happen. I browsed pinterest and pinned several amazing ideas. Then I got to work.

img_20160825_125620 img_20160825_123547

For the invites I used a cd to trace my circle. Yellow paper and red sharpie equals a simple and quick softball invite.

For our game I had to enlist the hubs help. We made a corn hole type throwing game.

img_20160903_145400 img_20160903_152727 img_20160910_134830 img_20160910_134542

We used a piece of plywood and my hubs got to use his saw to cut out the circles. We spray painted the board white and then I used neon spray paint to make the ball. Red acrylic paint for the stripes and black paint pen for the words. We bought the corn bags off of amazon.  We played 2 “innings” and broke the kids into 2 teams. Each kid had a turn to toss. Three “pitches or strikes” and if they left a “Man” on base the next batter(person throwing the bag) could advance the runner. We used a chalk board to help keep score.

img_20160910_133931 img_20160910_132621 img_20160910_132608

The kids also made washer necklaces. We used acrylic paint and sponge brushes. I bought the washers (3/8 x 1-1/4) at Walmart. Once the paint was dry the kids could use paint pens. Once they were complete we sprayed them with sealant. I used silver ribbon to make the chain part of the necklace.

img_20160910_130008-1 img_20160910_130014-1img_20160910_130028

I went with simple decorations. Red and black streamers for her softball team colors. We blew up yellow balloons and I drew the lines on with a red sharpie. She wore her jersey and the hubs and I wore our coaches shirts. I really debated on having the other players that were attending to wear their jerseys, but I figured the people not from our team might have felt left out. With her being the only one it made her birthday more special I think.

Party favors were all food lol. They were made up of bubble gum, sunflower seeds and I made puppy chow with yellow sixlets sprinkled in. Plus the kids had their washer necklaces. No little cheap toys from this party!


Her cake was really simple to make. I used 2 round cake pans. I filled 1 pan a little fuller so the cake would round out a little. Iced it with yellow butter cream icing and added some red stripes. Boom cake was done.  I used yellow sixlets around the base of the cake. It gave it a more finished look. Cupcakes were iced with chocolate butter cream icing. I was going to make them look like a bat, but that didn’t look right as I had to written on the cupcakes.

img_20160910_143500 img_20160910_143533 img_20160910_143658

I love that I can make my kids birthday parties special and individualized. I’m tired from the party, but so worth it!


Preschool graduation 2016

This year our preschool graduation theme was Wizard of oz. Our graduates sang Off to see the wizard as they walked into the room. Instead of a when I grow up, or my favorite thing about school presentation they presented what they would ask the wizard for.

Our decorations were minimal, but they were a perfect backdrop.

IMG_20160520_103239 IMG_20160520_103252 IMG_20160520_104027 IMG_20160520_104041 IMG_20160520_104048 IMG_20160520_104034

Our Summer kickoff also had Wizard of Oz themed games.

Pin the heart on the tin man, Flying Monkey Knock Down, Stuff the Scarecrow and witch hat ring toss.


At this moment I can’t get the other photos to upload. I’ll keep trying 🙂

B’s Star Wars birthday

I think that B’s Star Wars party was a success. He was so happy, and had so much fun with his friends. Of course Pinterest was a huge help! I also purchased his invites from etsy, but I don’t have a picture of them.

For the decorations I went pretty minimal. I printed off the banner letters, storm trooper faces and movie quotes from here. I did write out the big posters and drew the Darth Vader poster.

IMG_20160220_143917 IMG_20160216_074756 IMG_20160220_130449

For party favors, I made pool noodle light sabers. I bought the pool noodles on amazon. I cut them half, wrapped one end with black duct tape and used a silver sharpe to add a little detail. We used them in two of our party games.

IMG_20160215_223633 IMG_20160220_130456

I also made Star Wars popcorn, to put in their goody bags. I used this recipe. I used two bags of microwave kettle corn, and used mini m and m’s.  I love how the candy pops out!


I also printed off these masks. I printed, cut them out and then glued them to card stock to make them sturdier. I used thin elastic to hold them on the kids heads, but you could easily use ribbon or yarn instead.


For our games, we played find Darth Vader. I used a little Darth Vader eraser that I bought at Target in the dollar section.  The kids would close their eyes and I would hide it. Then the hunt was on.

We also played King of the Mountain with our light sabers. The kids went one on one and whoever tapped the other with the light saber was the winner. Bug won. Maybe we should sign her up for fencing. Look at that form!


We also played a baseball type game. They used their light sabers as bats and they had to hit the Darth Vader ball. I purchased it at Walmart.

IMG_20160220_140042  IMG_20160220_135817

It helps that B’s grandpa is a Star Wars fan and dressed up as a Jedi for Halloween last year.  This meant we had our very own Jedi for our party. B was pumped because he didn’t remember asking his grandpa to dress up.  A huge thanks to my step dad for being such a great sport!

IMG_20160220_134205                              IMG_20160220_142533IMG_20160220_142823


B wanted a BB-8 cake. It was actually pretty simple and I think it turned out as my best one yet! The hubs said it looked store bought. It took two circle cakes, with one cake cut in half for the top. I used my buttercream recipe.

IMG_20160220_094423 IMG_20160220_095850 IMG_20160220_102841IMG_20160220_130426



Elves week 2 2015

IMG_20151204_223723  On the first night of the second week Holly and Elvin made a fort and read a book.


IMG_20151205_220019 IMG_20151205_220042 The next night, the Elves had a nerf gun fight.

IMG_20151206_231816  They got into my stuff and made the kids Christmas pillow cases.

IMG_20151207_214802 They sumo wrestled in bubble wrap.


IMG_20151208_215524 IMG_20151208_215539  Food fight with puffercorn! $2 at dollar store.

IMG_20151209_220711 They got into the kids clothes too!


IMG_20151211_221147  They tp’d the tree! We are in the process of getting it all set up, and they got impatient for it to be decorated.

IMG_20151212_185915 Of course the Elves made the visit to see Santa.


Elves week 1 2015

Holly, Elvin, Bella and Jingle are back. B is calling Jingle, Jack so I guess the reindeer changed his name lol.


On the first night, they decided to bungee jump from our kitchen light with a red and green slinky.


The next night they brought the kids some Christmas Mad Libs. You can grab them here.

IMG_20151128_224003 IMG_20151129_090346 IMG_20151129_090334

The next night the elves wrapped the kids bathroom toilet seat. It was not a good morning when the kids woke up. They unwrapped the seat and got upset. Bug was actually in tears. Granted she did have bronchitis. It was for sure a fail.


On the first of December the Elves brought Advent calendars.


The next night was a “Oh crap I didn’t do something with Elves” moment. So they ended up kick backed on the couch reading magazines.


B’s favorite game is currently tic tac toe. I found this awesome Christmas themed tic tac toe game at the Dollar Store.


Last night the Elves had a midnight snack. The kids thought it was hilarious that they had some cereal in the middle of the night.




Santa plays for the Cubs.

Bug came home with a family art project that had us “hide” Santa so he could go on a vacation. We of course made him a Chicago Cubs player! I’m really proud of Bug because she figured out what to use to decorate Santa.  She tore up blue streamers to make his shirt. We used red twist ties to make the C’s and I helped her draw on the pant stripes. The bat is made of cardboard and I printed off the picture of Wrigley. It turned out super cute!

IMG_20151122_163117 IMG_20151122_163002 IMG_20151122_163024

Sleeping Beauty Party

For C’s 8th birthday she wanted it to be themed after her favorite princess Aurora. Since there isn’t as much Sleeping Beauty out there at the moment I had to get a little creative.  I printed off the three fairies and a big image of Aurora. I made a couple of posters, using quotes and we hung up streamers.

IMG_20150912_163431 IMG_20150912_163454 IMG_20150912_163504 IMG_20150912_163520

We played wake the princess. C was the first to be the sleeping princess. Whoever made her last first was the second. We were joining in by helping out with jokes, and ideas to get them to giggle. Honestly I don’t think they enjoyed it and I probably wouldn’t have them play it again.


The other party activity that we had was for them to decorate their own pillow cases. I purchased fabric markers and stencils and provided the white pillow cases. They took their pillow case home as one of the party favors. They spent the majority of the party time being creative. I’m so glad that I picked this activity. My kids both put their personalized cases on their pillows as soon as the party was over.

IMG_20150912_140512 IMG_20150912_143322


C requested an ice cream cake again like she did last year. This one for some reason didn’t want to stay together. I used teh sixlet candies as decoration and made my own buttercream frosting. We also had cupcakes. If you want to know how I made the ice cream cake let me know. I will be happy to share it.



I love making my kids birthdays special. It stresses me out and it takes around a month of planning. It may not end up the way I imagine it, but they have always loved it.

Coaching isn’t easy

We have finally wrapped up our softball and baseball seasons. Of course that doesn’t mean we our done by any means.

I guess I should explain huh? The hubs coached B’s 6U baseball team. I coach C’s 8U machine pitch softball team. I love that we are able to have such an active roll in our kids sports.  It isn’t easy but, we do it and for the most enjoy it. The positives out weigh the negatives.


1. We get front seats to all the behind scenes action.

2. Our kids know that we support them, and will do all that we can to help them improve and enjoy the game.

3. It brings up wonderful memories of when I used to play.

4. It gives us something to connect with our kids over, and we get to help them build a life long bond with their team.

5. Not only are we developing their skills, and love for the game but we are helping keep their view focused on the positives and how awesome they are!


1. It can be stressful, and it is time consuming.

2. Sometimes the parents don’t always understand what or why we are doing something. Trust me there is a reason and it isn’t because we hate your child. We want them to learn the game, stay safe and have fun.

3. It can be hard to be a coach and a parent. We try to leave it all on the field, but sometimes it isn’t easy.

With both of us coaching there is a lot of split nights where we see each other in passing. There is nights and days that we are planning and coming up with ways to help the teams become better players. I don’t think we would change it for the world. Not only do we see the smiles on C and B’s faces, but our players as well.

My advice if you are a coach or are thinking about coaching. Stay positive,  the players do better without feeling like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. Make sure your players know that they win as a team and lose as a team. It isn’t just their victory if they scored the final run, and isn’t just their error if they dropped the ball.  Keep it fun. They are kids that are learning new skills that can often be difficult. If they get frustrate they won’t learn it or will make more errors. Being a coach is rewarding, fun and challenging. Enjoy it!

DSC08326 DSC08316 DSC08315 DSC08425 DSC08267 DSC08410



B’s shark brithday

As you know, I try to go all out for the kids birthday parties. We celebrated B’s 6th birthday a couple days early and he wanted a shark theme.  So off to Pinterest I go to find shark ideas.

First up was the games. I borrowed the idea for a chum toss game from here. I did change it up a little though. Besides the chum toss game we played pass the shark. I found it on Pinterest too.

Here are our games.

IMG_20150214_132129 IMG_20150214_125102 IMG_20150214_131940

We didn’t leave the game on the wall because I used two red socks filled with rice as our chum. I didn’t want the kids throwin the “chum” so hard that it damaged the wall. Honestly the kids didn’t really get into it, and were ready to move on after each one had a couple of turns.

IMG_20150214_141620 IMG_20150214_141442

The second game was pass the shark. I bought the stuffed shark on Amazon. It is now named shark bait and my son’s new favorite stuffed animal. Yay for dual purpose purchases! The way we played the game is like hot potato and musical chairs. The kids sat in a circle and passed “Shark Bait”  around while the Jaws song played. As the song picked up speed to the dundundun whoever had the shark was eaten. That one moved out of the circle and watched for the next person to be eaten. The kids really liked this one. They played 4 times!

Decorations were pretty simple. I found a shark table cloth, plates and such at Walmart. I made the big poster that I always make and a big shark fin. Then we hung up streamers and balloons.  I had to call a friend in to help me get the house decorated because I was fighting with the cake. So A big thanks to my friend!

IMG_20150214_125206 IMG_20150214_124955                                                                                                             IMG_20150214_125052


Onto my poor poor attempt a shark cake. I found so may ideas on Pinterest for this cake. There were a couple that would have been much easier, but alas the hubs though that this was the cake for B. I did all that I could…but uh I was ready to throw the cake out the window. The cake crumbled coming our of the pan, and would crumble more each time I tried to ice it. My patience ran very thin. So the shark cake turned out ok, but could have been better. All that matters is that B liked it right?

IMG_20150214_125821 IMG_20150214_125004