Our first family vacation

We finally took the kids to the most magical place on Earth. It was our first official family vacation, and we managed to not kill each other!

For starters we decided to road trip it. A massive thank you to whoever decided books should have an audio option! We listened to Harry Potter book3 and most of book 4.  The kids also had their travel bags thanks to my mom. She even wrapped up prizes this go round. We left on a Thursday night and made it Saturday evening. We stopped about 3 hours from home Thursday night and then decided to make a detour for our Friday night stop. We went to New Orleans people.

IMG_20160618_090307 IMG_20160617_204626 IMG_20160617_223727 IMG_20160618_065457 IMG_20160618_082557


We stayed at the Holiday Inn near the Super Dome. It was a pretty decent stay. The beds were comfy and we were within walking distance to the French Quarter. Yes we are those parents that took their kids to the French Quarter at 8pm on a Friday night. We did a good job of finding a restaurant quickly if you get my drift. We ate gator and oysters too.  Look at us being all adventurous. The kids had beads thrown to them from a balcony and the next more we ate beigniets at Cafe Du Mond and hit the road.

We stayed at the Mystic Dunes Resort in Celebration FL. I would recommend staying there. It was kid friendly, quiet, and the pool was open late. Our villa had a screened in porch too. The bed was comfy and the bathroom was huge. We did end up with a small pool each time we used the master shower lol.

We spent 5 whirl wind days at the Disney parks. We fast passed everything that we could. You can schedule 3 fast passes a day and when you check into you third thing you can add another. So we used that to our advantage. We all had so much fun and made some wonderful memories. The storm troopers at Hollywood studios were awesome. They interacted with the kids and even chased B when he ran from them yelling Stop and Halt. Bug was picked to pull the sword from the stone and she met her favorite princess. Our favorite ride was Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom.

IMG_20160623_121631 IMG_20160623_112216 IMG_20160622_170931 IMG_20160622_165158 IMG_20160621_153156 IMG_20160620_124316 IMG_20160619_135439 IMG_20160619_125110 IMG_20160619_093626 IMG_20160623_220246

We went down to Miami to go to the beach (were we got crazy burnt) and to go to the Marlins vs Cubs game. Our Cubbies didn’t win, but we had great seats and managed to get a couple of autographs. We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott is South Beach. The room was decent, we had a balcony overlooking the pool. They had 2 different pools and we were right on the beach.

IMG_20160624_125318 IMG_20160625_152244 IMG_20160625_160725 IMG_20160625_174424

We left Sunday morning drove all day, stopped for the night and then got home around 5pm. Not bad for driving 20 hours right?

All in all, we have decided that our vacation was a success. We did decide that if we go back to Florida there is a great chance that we will fly instead of drive lol.

Obviously this isn’t all of our vacation details or pictures. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.




Knee update

I thought I was healing nicely… no crutches, no brace and for the most part walking without any trouble. Stubbornly try to play in a charity kickball tournament and re-injure it. All I did was step and throw the ball, I swear. I wasn’t diving, jumping or sprinting. I was trying to be a good girl. On the bright side I did get the out. That’s the important part right?

So Hubs to the rescue. Swoops in like superman again as he whisper yells I told you not to play. Imagine some colorful words thrown in there. His co-workers take me to the dr. Oh ya we were playing in a charity tournament on a Friday and his work was hosting the team. So he couldn’t really take me to the dr as he was the captain and they kinda needed him. The car ride was a little awkward. Not going to lie.

They take me to a convenient care type place instead of the ER. It was pretty funny as the nurse is just doing her job and asking me questions and I was all nope don’t need that or that or that. Just here for x-rays. I have the meds and the brace and the crutches at home.  After waiting for the dr for forever he comes in checks my ligaments and then refers me for an MRI and to ortho. No x-rays.

As you can guess I was feeling ticked off at the situation and threw myself a pretty big pity party. I’m over it now and back in recover mode. Which sucks by the way…

I had my MRI on Thursday. It was a weird experience and hopefully one I won’t have to do again. Thankfully I was only in the tube up to my chest otherwise I might have freaked out. I managed to not move even though I felt like I was.  After the MRI the tech asked me if it hurts closer to my shin. I’m guessing he saw something. I won’t know for sure until my ortho appointment. Which is of course at the beginning of November. That means I will have been injured for about two months by the time I see the freaking dr.

Hindsight is 20/20. We should have set up an MRI and an appointment with ortho when I first hurt it. Not much I can do about it now, but wait and try not to hurt myself any worse. They said that I could just be walking and my knee could go out. So until I see the dr to have a clue what is going on I have to be very careful.

The picture on  the left is my leg tonight. The picture on the right is after I re-injured it. So about 9 days between pictures.


Recovery time

I am so over recovery time.  Since I have hurt my knee I have gotten grumpy, sleepy, and antisocial. This is all due to the fact that I need to be active.

I gave it 1 week on the crutches and 2 weeks in the brace. Now I am working my way back to active. It’s a slow process. I started with just walking. Last night I did a very slow 20 minutes on the elliptical.  Tonight I went for 30 minutes at faster pace.  Just after two day of a small amount of working out and I am all ready feeling more like myself.

I want to start strengthening the muscles around my knee to help protect it.

I wish I was at a full recovery but I hope to get there soon!


Book review: A Girls Guide to Witchcraft


A Girls Guide to Witchcraft By: Mindy Klasky

I snagged this as on e of the free Kindle books from Amazon. It sounded like a fun quick read. Quick yes, fun not so much.

It started out great. Mousy library worker Jane has to take a pay cut and move. She moves into the library’s cottage and finds a key to the basement. Du Du Dun in the basement is a spell book and she reads a page from it. Wam bam what do you know she is a witch! You would think she would be all about learning the who, what, and hows but she is reluctant and absorbed in her imaginary love life.  I at first thought that she would move to focusing on herself and her new skills, but it never happened. I became annoyed and even though I finished the book, I would not read the next one. This book could have been a good read.


I play a kids game

Last weekend the hubs and I got up at the butt crack of 4:30 am to drive 3 hours away to spend the day playing in a charity kickball tournament. It was a blast but exhausting. We play on 3 different teams. Crazy right?

The reason I am writing this is because is we were in Illinois we probably wouldn’t be playing a kids game, and making awesome friends in the process. It is so much fun to kick the red ball around. It is competitive and friendly all at the same time. Our kids enjoy watching, playing in the dirt and kicking the ball and running the bases between games.

Not really sure what the point of this was, other than to share the fact that I play a kids a game and I’m pretty good at it.  Go try it. If not kickball how about softball. Have fun make new friends.

IMG_20150815_192247 IMG_20150813_184215 (1) Be jealous of my dirt tan line.

Movie review: Beastly

The other day I had the chance to have the house and tv all to my self! It was glorious!

With that said I hopped onto my amazon prime and searched for a movie. I decided I would pick the first one that caught my eye, and then if I didn’t like it I would pick another one. I picked one and moved on. The next pick was Beastly. It was very Beauty and the Best with a “Tale as old time” vibe, but not so similar to the beloved fairy tale that I couldn’t get into it. It was set in modern day high school of all places. A witch (Mary Kate Olsen) curses the popular, hot guy(Alex Pettyfer).  Obviously he isn’t an A list actor as I have no clue who he is Shrugs.  She gives him a pretty wicked tattoo. He has 1 year to find someone to love him (tattoo plays a pretty big role). He decides that Lindy  (Vanessa Hudgens) is a safe bet as she is a romantic and all that jazz. Neil Patrick Harris plays a blind tutor by the way…

Typical make you feel good B list movie. It came out in 2011 . Has some decent soundtracks, and is a movie you could veg out on. I’ll probably watch it again. It’s kid friendly so its not one I have to wait for the kids to go to bed to watch. I also like the “Love is never ugly” quote they have going on.


Book Review: A hot mess

I just wrapped up A Hot Mess by Zoe Dawson.

I will have to say that the book started out a little like the movie I know what you did last summer. It took me a couple of chapters to get past the similarity and into the book.  I really enjoyed the banter between the two main characters and the other two “outlaw’s” were fun additions. There was a good mix of suspense, comedy, romance, and believable feelings from the characters.  It was a quick read that does have books that will have characters from this book as the main characters.

The only real problem that I had with the book is that the characters ages didn’t really mesh with the way the plot flowed. The situations and attitudes of the characters seemed to be older than the young 20 somethings that the characters were supposed to be.

Happy reading!



Book review: Maggie For Hire

Maggie for hire is a supernatural book written by Kate Danley.

You are first introduced to Maggie as she kicks  vampires butt, and deals with the emotions of having a father that is presumed dead. She is hired to save the world from her evil uncle that she didn’t know she had. The challenge is finding what she needs while fighting off vampires.

All of the characters are entertaining and are willing to do what is necessary to help Maggie succeed.

It is a fun quick read, and it is the first book in a series so we will get to follow Maggie on her next adventure.


Fashion envy

I have always been a jeans and tank top type of girl.  I  go for comfort, and clothes I can move in. I wear flip flops and pull my hair up in pony tails.  I quit wearing make up once I gradated high school. I own more flats and running shoes than I do high heels.

I  admit that I sometimes have fashion envy though. I will see someone dressed professionally heading off to work after they have dropped their child in my school’s care. I see them dressed in  freshly pressed slacks, fitted jacket and heels. I look at me and I’m in jeans a plain t- shirt and flip flops. They look like they are ready to take some names and kick butt. I am more likely to shout some names and wipe a butt lol.

I see awesome clothes and outfits and wonder what they would like on me. If the outfit or accessory would add some flare to my mostly plain jane wardrobe. I will wonder if the outfit would help me enroll a few more students, or gain some more respect. Will it help me become the great and powerful oz? I’m pretty sure everyone has those thoughts. It’s part of being a woman. We want to feel and look pretty.

So I have confessed that even though I’m a jeans and flip flops kind of girl, I too want to rock heels and a power suit sometimes. I doubt I would be comfortable. I also doubt that I could run after kids in 6 inch heels.  I do know that I can do my hair and make up and wear something dressy. The fact that I don’t do it every day is what makes it special special and fun.

I don’t need clothes to make an impression. I am awesome all on my own.

DSC04631 DSC04585


Road trips: The good, bad and sleepy

Whew it has been a whirlwind the last few days. We road tripped back to IL for the Hubs grandparents 65th wedding anniversary. It is about a 9 hour drive one way. So the packing began last Wednesday night after Bug’s softball game. I had delivered the dog to my mom for her to puppy sit the previous night. Packing four people, cleaning the house and trying to keep two very excited kids calm takes a lot of a girl.

Thankfully before each road trip my mom makes the kids travel bags. I apologize for a lack of pictures but once we get in the car toys, crayons and snacks tend to get opened in the first 5 minutes lol. She doesn’t spend much on the bags but they are helpful. We also listen to a book. This trip it was Harry Potter. We listened to the first book and some of the second.  I had to be the mean mom during the drive there. We got so tired of the “are we there yet, how much longer? and the where are we’s?” That I used an idea I saw on Pinterest and each time they asked I threw a piece of candy out the window. It only took two time.

We stayed with my in-laws. We got in around 9 pm Thursday night. We spend Friday chilling and picking cherries and strawberries. Every meal that we ate on Saturday was at a restaurant with various family members. Sunday was the anniversary party and family pictures. We left Sunday night and drove through night. We managed to get home at 5:30 am and we crashed.  Of course the kids were up and ready at 8am.  Didn’t have time for a nap. So sleepy…

All in all it was a good but busy weekend. B was for sure over stimulated and has had a bit of a rough day. C has been bored, and the hubs and I are in need of another day off to catch up on sleep and maybe finish the 2nd Harry Potter book.

IMG_20150612_114814 IMG_20150612_144254 IMG_20150612_144305  IMG_20150612_145201 IMG_20150612_150846 IMG_20150612_153359 IMG_20150612_153421 IMG_20150612_153527 IMG_20150612_153533  IMG_20150613_112416 IMG_20150613_112459    IMG_20150613_152457 IMG_20150613_193526 IMG_20150613_193538 IMG_20150614_125803 imagejpeg_0IMG_20150614_141505