Confession Time

OK, so when I was growing up I would imagine my life as an adult. I would be organized, my house would always be clean, I would have all the time in the world do what I wanted and life would be wonderful.

HA! Enter real life… I barely have time to relax before I pass out at bed time. I clean house on the weekends, scramble to cook dinner most nights and honestly have to fight to stay awake until the kids get to bed.

So with that said I am going to try to update more often. I have so much to share and so many great ideas to post about. I make no promises though.  The kids are busy, the hubs is busy and I am well you can guess.

Elves 2016

I totally have failed in posting anything recent. Oh well!

Here is the Elves from Christmas 2016. This isn’t all of them cause the kids weren’t home with us the entire month of December. The in-wals were in town for a week so they tried their hands at the elf thing. I think they had a lot of fun with it.

Baby shower

One of my good friends is about to have a baby girl. With this in mind my friend  and I threw her a shower. It wasn’t anything huge or massively time consuming.



Decorations were minimal.

We had chips and queso, a veggie tray, chocolate covered strawberries and a cookie cake. I made the strawberries and the icing for the cookie  (plus iced it).

IMG_20160227_141041 IMG_20160227_140837

We were silly and had her blow out candles too!

We played a couple games and had a couple activities as well. Our first game was a guess which  celebrity mommy you were game. The second game was a take care of your bitty baby or they can get kidnapped game. (I found both ideas on pinterest).

IMG_20160227_140908 IMG_20160227_140902

We also had the guests write a message on a onsie for baby H, and messages on diapers for the late night changes.

IMG_20160227_160927 IMG_20160227_153926

It was a lot of fun and I know that the mommy to be enjoyed herself. That’s what matters!