Christmas wreath

I decided that I wanted to add to our Christmas decor. So off to Hobby Lobby ( 50% off on Christmas items) I go (with the kids). The kids were a great help, as the three of us couldn’t agree on anything. After about an hour and a half we checked out. I had to make a couple executive decisions, and compromises.

IMG_20151128_153646  So we have our blank wreath, the letter J for our last name, red ribbon with gold threads and a few things to stick in the wreath.

IMG_20151128_161626 The hardest part was wrapping the J. I cut the ribbon in sections, and matched it up on the J. I actually used stick glue to help it lay smooth and then hot glued the ends on the back.

IMG_20151128_164625 The finished J.

image (1) To attach the J to the wreath, I used duct tape and zip ties. It was a bit of a struggle, but the easiest method I could think of.

IMG_20151128_165715 I am so happy with the finished product. Once I figured out where I wanted the accessories to go, all I had to do was secure them by bending their wires into the wreath.

I can’t wait to hang it on my door!


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