Coaching isn’t easy

We have finally wrapped up our softball and baseball seasons. Of course that doesn’t mean we our done by any means.

I guess I should explain huh? The hubs coached B’s 6U baseball team. I coach C’s 8U machine pitch softball team. I love that we are able to have such an active roll in our kids sports.  It isn’t easy but, we do it and for the most enjoy it. The positives out weigh the negatives.


1. We get front seats to all the behind scenes action.

2. Our kids know that we support them, and will do all that we can to help them improve and enjoy the game.

3. It brings up wonderful memories of when I used to play.

4. It gives us something to connect with our kids over, and we get to help them build a life long bond with their team.

5. Not only are we developing their skills, and love for the game but we are helping keep their view focused on the positives and how awesome they are!


1. It can be stressful, and it is time consuming.

2. Sometimes the parents don’t always understand what or why we are doing something. Trust me there is a reason and it isn’t because we hate your child. We want them to learn the game, stay safe and have fun.

3. It can be hard to be a coach and a parent. We try to leave it all on the field, but sometimes it isn’t easy.

With both of us coaching there is a lot of split nights where we see each other in passing. There is nights and days that we are planning and coming up with ways to help the teams become better players. I don’t think we would change it for the world. Not only do we see the smiles on C and B’s faces, but our players as well.

My advice if you are a coach or are thinking about coaching. Stay positive,  the players do better without feeling like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. Make sure your players know that they win as a team and lose as a team. It isn’t just their victory if they scored the final run, and isn’t just their error if they dropped the ball.  Keep it fun. They are kids that are learning new skills that can often be difficult. If they get frustrate they won’t learn it or will make more errors. Being a coach is rewarding, fun and challenging. Enjoy it!

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