DIY Tooth fairy pillows

There are so many cute Tooth Fairy ideas out there. When my daughter had her first wiggly tooth I was planning all kids of things. In reality I didn’t and wouldn’t have time to put those ideas into play. Some Mom’s and dads out there are awesome at things like that.

When I was growing up I had a pretty snazzy tooth fairy pillow. It was pink and white polka dotted and had ruffles on the sides. The little tooth pocket had a little tooth on it and everything. Now I am not very good at sewing. I do my best with what I have. That consists of a needle and thread. Yup you read that right I can hand sew. Woot! you should feel lucky that I have shared my secret talent.

Back to the actual topic. I took a white piece of felt, drew a really big tooth and cut it out. Then I took another piece of felt, and cut it down to the size I wanted it to be. I winged it, so sorry of you were wanting detailed instructions.

IMG_20150217_203908 IMG_20150217_204034 IMG_20150217_204043

Once all that was done, I put my needle and thread to use. I sewed on the tooth and made sure that I made a little pocket for the lost tooth to go into.

IMG_20150217_211049 IMG_20150217_212822

Once the felt tooth was in place, I sewed the edges shut. I left enough of an opening for me to be able to stuff the pillow. I used cotton balls. You could use batting, but I went with what I had.

When it was all done. it looked like I wanted it too. It may not be fancy like mine was, but Mommy made it and my kids have a place to put their teeth when the Tooth Fairy makes a visit. That’s what is important. The cost to make it was about $3 and it took me 30 minutes to knock it out. My daughters is pink of course and my son has the awesome orange one.


Get creative with it. Mine is pretty simple, but  you could all out on the decorating.

Happy crafting!

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