Elves week 1 2015

Holly, Elvin, Bella and Jingle are back. B is calling Jingle, Jack so I guess the reindeer changed his name lol.


On the first night, they decided to bungee jump from our kitchen light with a red and green slinky.


The next night they brought the kids some Christmas Mad Libs. You can grab them here.

IMG_20151128_224003 IMG_20151129_090346 IMG_20151129_090334

The next night the elves wrapped the kids bathroom toilet seat. It was not a good morning when the kids woke up. They unwrapped the seat and got upset. Bug was actually in tears. Granted she did have bronchitis. It was for sure a fail.


On the first of December the Elves brought Advent calendars.


The next night was a “Oh crap I didn’t do something with Elves” moment. So they ended up kick backed on the couch reading magazines.


B’s favorite game is currently tic tac toe. I found this awesome Christmas themed tic tac toe game at the Dollar Store.


Last night the Elves had a midnight snack. The kids thought it was hilarious that they had some cereal in the middle of the night.




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