Elves week 2 2015

IMG_20151204_223723  On the first night of the second week Holly and Elvin made a fort and read a book.


IMG_20151205_220019 IMG_20151205_220042 The next night, the Elves had a nerf gun fight.

IMG_20151206_231816  They got into my stuff and made the kids Christmas pillow cases.

IMG_20151207_214802 They sumo wrestled in bubble wrap.


IMG_20151208_215524 IMG_20151208_215539  Food fight with puffercorn! $2 at dollar store.

IMG_20151209_220711 They got into the kids clothes too!


IMG_20151211_221147  They tp’d the tree! We are in the process of getting it all set up, and they got impatient for it to be decorated.

IMG_20151212_185915 Of course the Elves made the visit to see Santa.


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