Elves week 3 2015

We have been crazy busy! Between getting ready for Christmas and the hubs ear surgery and Bug’s ear surgery. I’m tired. I know technically we are in week 4, and I will try to post that one tomorrow.

IMG_20151212_231315 IMG_20151212_231326 The Elves brought items to make Jingled bags! This was a first for us, and my kids were kind of eh about it. That is until they got to run up to a door, leave the bag, ring the bell and hall booty back to my car lol. Not sure if we will do it again next year. It was fun to spread some anonymous Christmas cheer. I got the jingled letter here .

IMG_20151213_215327 The Elves also took some time to focus on why we celebrate Christmas. The kids thought it was hilarious that Holly, Elvin and the reindeer put themselves in the nativity scene.

IMG_20151214_233156 They also acted like ornaments on our tree!

IMG_20151215_215722 Read a book with Santa.

IMG_20151216_225429 Brought a mini coloring pack with stickers.

IMG_20151217_221801 Rolled around in a packing tube.

IMG_20151218_215902 Helped clean the house. I was really hoping this would motivate the kids to help me clean, but all the kids did was finish sweeping up the pile that Holly and Elvin started. It was worth a shot.

IMG_20151219_234316 They also had a healthy midnight snack.

This past week , the Elves weren’t too creative and fun. Granted they have been visiting us for years and it was a stressful week. I feel things could have been a little bit more creative.

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