Elves week 4

It’s the final countdown! 5 more nights of Holly and Elvin until next year. This past week has been a little crazy. There have been a couple of nights that I reused to get back up to do something with the elves, and then had to make a mad dash around the house in the morning. With that mentioned here is what  Holly and Elvin have done this week.

IMG_20141215_223313 On Sunday they climbed the tree. AT least they were smart and climbed with something to help them.

Monday  night they brought the kids little Lego sets. B woke up to go to the bathroom, investigated where Elvin was and then proceeded to wake up C so she could play too. All of this fun happened around 4:30 am.

IMG_20141217_222113 Tuesday night they made Minion’s out of bananas. The kids really got a kick out of it. They took the banana minions to school and showed them to their friends. Then they ate them for lunch. It’s was pretty easy to make. I taped the googly eyes on and then used a Sharpee to draw the minion bodies and overalls.

Wednesday night wan’t anything special. It was one of the nights I didn’t want to do anything. I don’t even remember what it was they did. Sheesh Mom elf fail sorry.

Thursday night they underweared the big tree and the kids little tree in their bathroom. I thought about hanging a pair of the hubby’s boxers with the kids undies but decided he wouldn’t be thrilled. The kids thought it was funny and gross all at the same time.

Friday night Bug had a friend spend the night. The elves brought 3 little toy figures. That way B and C and C’s friend each had something. I hid the figures and put a note in the bathroom asking ” did you find your gifts”? This had all 3 running around the house looking. I hid them in the kids coat pockets. It took a while.

With only a few days left of Elfing this year, I’m not sure what Holly and Elvin will get up to. I guess we will have to wait and see.


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