Fashion envy

I have always been a jeans and tank top type of girl.  I  go for comfort, and clothes I can move in. I wear flip flops and pull my hair up in pony tails.  I quit wearing make up once I gradated high school. I own more flats and running shoes than I do high heels.

I  admit that I sometimes have fashion envy though. I will see someone dressed professionally heading off to work after they have dropped their child in my school’s care. I see them dressed in  freshly pressed slacks, fitted jacket and heels. I look at me and I’m in jeans a plain t- shirt and flip flops. They look like they are ready to take some names and kick butt. I am more likely to shout some names and wipe a butt lol.

I see awesome clothes and outfits and wonder what they would like on me. If the outfit or accessory would add some flare to my mostly plain jane wardrobe. I will wonder if the outfit would help me enroll a few more students, or gain some more respect. Will it help me become the great and powerful oz? I’m pretty sure everyone has those thoughts. It’s part of being a woman. We want to feel and look pretty.

So I have confessed that even though I’m a jeans and flip flops kind of girl, I too want to rock heels and a power suit sometimes. I doubt I would be comfortable. I also doubt that I could run after kids in 6 inch heels.  I do know that I can do my hair and make up and wear something dressy. The fact that I don’t do it every day is what makes it special special and fun.

I don’t need clothes to make an impression. I am awesome all on my own.

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