Finished the Divergent series

I often love how watching a movie or reading a book will inspire me. On the other hand they can make me feel like crap. I often can relate to the character or feel  like I could accomplish something like they did. For instance I can get it in my head that if so and so character can save the world then I can go do this. What I need to do is a hell of a lot easier than what that character accomplished. Other times the character doesn’t survive or the book/ movie ends badly and then it bums me out.  I don’t know id I’m explaining to where it makes sense, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one that feels this way.Anywho…

I finished the divergent series  last night. When Tris  died and then Four just kind of shuts down it made me very sad. I was all inspired by the first two books. I liked the kick ass strong female lead. I wanted to be strong and selfless and brave. I have no real reason to be all kick ass like her, but it was still an inspiration, made me want to be better. So this morning I was morose because I felt something better could have happened at the end of the series.  I needed more closure than what I received.

I’m bummed out with how the series ended and wish it would have ended differently. The first 2 books were awesome, and the third was good. Just depressing.

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