Focus on the goal

So after my knee issues, the hubs doesn’t want me running any more. I don’t blame him. The idea of running makes me a little nervous that I could re-injure it. With all of this in mind, I switched my work out focus to lifting. I can honestly say I am in amazing shape. I now weigh 103 lbs, of well muscle. I have been working out 6 days a week. I have a meal coach and a trainer that I work with. I’m even planning on competing in a bikini body builder competition.

What can I say, I’m competition driven. If I have something that I am competing in as an end goal I am able to stay focused easier.

I just wanted to brag a little, as I did an exercise earlier this week that had me squat 100 lbs. I made it look easy. (It wasn’t). Plus my knee is bent below parallel! That in and of itself is amazing. Doing that exercise was the first time I was able to go below parallel since before I hurt my knee.

IMG_20160827_172105_01 imagejpeg_2 (1) IMG_20160827_172100_01

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