friends, 2 bottles of wine and a messy kitchen

I have 10 days until my knee surgery. With that said I am doing my best  to have as many things as I can prepped for when I will be recovering. Thankfully I have an awesome friend who is willing to help. Yesterday she came over and we cooked for about 8 hours. We went through two bottles of wine, trashed my kitchen, and by the time we were finished we didn’t want to move. We split the goods and each family has  about 7-8 meals in the freezer.  We made deep dish Chicago pizza, chicken alfredo, pancakes, veggie soup, chili, beef stroganoff, chicken enchiladas, calzones, roast and cookies!

Some of the things we learned during the great day of cooking:

~ Make fewer meals. We were exhausted by the time we were through.

~Make simpler meals. Some of the things we made were crazy time- consuming. Simple is just as tasty most of the time.

~ It is a blast to have a cooking buddy! We danced, we sang, we cooked. We each went through a bottle of wine, and had so much fun until about hour 6. That’s when we started to crash.

I do believe that we are going to try to do the great day of cooking in the future. Each time we cook will be a great experience and we will make some awesome memories.

Hey Hay Hay! I want to dance with somebody 🙂 Thanks so much for being an awesome friend and helping me out!


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