I must be the only Mom of a little girl that has not seen Frozen. I have a general idea of what happens, and I have seen pictures, quotes and clips. I can even sing some of the song lyrics. Yet, I have no real idea how the movie goes. Of course my daughter wants a Frozen birthday, and as the awesome Mom that I strive to be,  I will deliver.  I guess I need to start figuring that out. Pinterest here I come!

The point of this post other than to admit that I have not seen the movie is that I don’t remember being crazy over a movie when I was little. I know I watched all of the Disney movies and owned many of them. I know that I had a couple themed birthday parties to go with it. I just truly don’t think that I got into a movie at such a young age like the 5-10 year old girls are now. My daughter C constantly plays that she is Elsa.  The little girls in my class play Frozen all of the time. I mean ALL of the time.

Am I that old now, that I don’t remember what it was like to be that little or is this a craze that I don’t get since I haven’t see the movie? Only time and watching the movie will tell.

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