Happy Halloween!

This year our costumes are awesome. My daughter is Dorothy and my son is the tornado from the Wizard of Oz. My husband was Hunter S. Thompson from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I was Khaleesi from Game of Thrones. ┬áMy kids won best costume at the VA Halloween party. My husband won best costume at a friends party. I didn’t win any prizes but I now know what I would look like with long blonde hair. All in all I would call it a win.

image IMG_20141025_205941

We finally carved our pumpkins last night as well. The kids did a great job on the little bit that I let them cut with a butter knife. Yes you can cut a pumpkin with a butter knife. Think of the shower scene from Psycho and reenact it on the pumpkin. I now have the seeds drying so that I can roast them in the oven. They are so simple and tasty. Perhaps I will post about how to make them hmmmm. Back to the carving it was fun and the kids love how they turned out.

IMG_20141026_200314 IMG_20141026_201408 IMG_20141026_203335 IMG_20141026_205122 IMG_20141026_210322

On another random note… I will be running in a zombie run this Saturday. I am really excited about it and I know that it will crazy fun. I am going to dress up a pirate and I will be running with a few friends. The hubby is going to be one of the zombies. I will have to let you all know how it goes.

And then……I have also signed up for the half marathon in my area. It will be my 2nd time running in it, and my 3rd half. I want to beat my time of last year which is 2:12: and some change.

Have a safe and awesome Halloween!

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