Hello fresh

So a couple of weeks ago my mother in law sent me an email with a code to receive a free box of food from Hello Fresh. I was a little skeptical, but it was free.

Here is my experience.

IMG_20160504_192328 IMG_20160504_192103

It arrived wrapped in the cold storage bubble wrap and on ice packs. Inside the box were the fresh  ingredients to make two meals.

That night I made the chicken with apricot glaze.


It took me a little longer to prep it, but I had the meal cooked and read to eat in about 45 minutes. IMG_20160504_200706

It was pretty tasty. The kids and hubs enjoyed it too.


The nice thing is that I have the recipe, so if I want to recreate it with out ordering it I can. Will I order a box of food that’s not for free, eh. I might if they offer me a box that looks really tasty. Otherwise I will stick to buying my groceries at the store. I honestly didn’t find it any easier other than all the ingredients were in the same spot.

Now if you want to try it I do have a discount code. You won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t use it. If you do use it enjoy your food!


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