I got fit

I decided a few months ago, that I missed my athletic awesomeness that I once had. I was never uber fit, but before I made my decision to get back in shape , I was eh. This is what worked for me, and I wanted to share it with you. To start things off I signed up for a half marathon, not my first one but it had been a couple of years. I needed to have a goal and I needed the deadline. Plus I like to run.  It was easier for me to train for something than to just start exercising again. Between the miles upon miles of running that I did, my hubs and I found a gym that we really like.

I had the exercise thing going strong but I still wasn’t really losing anything. Toning yes, dropping the pounds not so much. I began using myfitnesspal.com.  It is easy to use and I can use it on my computer and my phone. I put in how much I wanted to  lose and it set me up with the amount of calories I could eat. I dropped roughly 15 pounds between watching what I eat and exercise. Now that I have lost the weight, I am still keeping track of my calories. Not to continue to lose but to maintain what I have, and feed my body what it needs. I am using it more as a food journal and it helps me eat healthier. I get sick to my stomach if I eat something that is greasy or junky. Moderation is what I try to follow to minimize feeling sick and to still be able to eat what I want.

I am still going to the gym or running. I work out at least 4 times a week. In fact I get down right bitchy if I don’t get my workout in. I am part of a class called peak performance at the gym. Each workout is different, and the trainers are encouraging and fun. I don’t get bored and all of my muscles get a work out. I still run but I really need to do it more often. There is nothing like having that time with yourself to think or just sing along to the music blasting from my ear buds. I am debating what race to sign up for next. Do I stick with the half or can I really run 26.2 miles? The adrenalin rush that I get from a race is epic, and I truly enjoy racing against myself to see what time I get.As a little extra motivation I have an app on my phone called pact. For every work out I complete I get paid a little bit. I can also get paid for my runs. I use runkeeper to link up to pact. I use the Nike app to get cheers from my family friends on facebook as I run as well.

I wanted to share what I did, because I am proud of myself. I finished my half marathon is 2 hours and 12 minutes.  My previous half time was 2 hours and 33 minutes. I am stronger and more fit than I have been in a long time. I am not a fitness master or guru. I am a person who wanted to get back in shape and stay in shape.  I didn’t do it for my hubs or my kids. I did it for me.  If what I did works for you great. If it doesn’t that is ok too.  All it takes is the motivation and finding something that you enjoy doing. I am here to help motivate if you need me!


Coming up to the finish line on April 5, 2014. My hubs, kids and a great friend where there to cheer me on and give me the little extra push to finish strong.

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