I survived… the books


At my schools book fair scholastic sent books titled “I survived the 2011 Tsunami and I survived a Nazi concentration camp.” My daughter brought home a book fair flyer for her school with a book titled I survived Pompeii. I have three questions.

1. Why are they sending books about surviving horrible things to a preschool and a primary school?

2. Who is buying these books for their young kids?

3. How many teachers have made their students read these books?

I get it, I do. These books could be a great way to teach the younger generations about over coming the horrible things that have happened in the past. I know that these books were probably written to honor those that experienced those events first hand.I am coming from a teachers and a parents view. Reading about an event gives the students a chance to absorb what they are learning.I had to read Anne Frank in high school, and I enjoyed it. I learned about how she survived and it helped me relate to her and her experiences.My biggest thing is that younger students may not be able to grasp the seriousness of the situations, and how they changed lives forever.  I haven’t read these books, I’m just going from the book covers.  It’s just my opinion.


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