I tried yoga today.

This morning I ran three miles on a treadmill. It is getting cold here and I really don’t like the cold. After that I went to my very first yoga class. I have tried doing the yoga dvds and I have even tried a couple of you tube videos. It was a little awkward because I knew some of the moves the instructor wanted us to do. I did some of them correctly and others she had to redirect me so that I was doing the pose right. It was I guess for the lack of a better word intense. The environment was calming and ┬ámusic was soothing. They had the heat up high, which I know is to help relax the muscles. I will go back and try it again. I felt more limber once I was done and I’m sure after another class I will be more relaxed as well. ┬áHere’s to a new fitness routine.

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