Knee recovery 2 months out

I am now 2 months post acl replacement and meniscus trim. The swelling is down, my scar is healing and I can straighten my knee. The weirdest thing so far is breaking the scar tissue. My knee will pop aa it happens and I can feel things moving around.



My bend is currently at 122 degrees. If you recall my Dr wants my bend to be closer to 140. One of the fun therapy exercises that I do to improve my bend is to pull my foot forward towards my head. Kind of like a quad stretch. I use a scarf at home but I use yoga straps in therapy.


I am using the elliptical, leg press, leg curl, and a few movement and balance exercises. I am still wearing my brace like a good girl unless I’m asleep, in therapy or at the gym.

I have about another month before I go back to the Dr. He will fit me for my athletic brace at that time. I also hope he tells me I can walk and such without my post surgery brace.

All in all, I’m improving. I am looking forward to the day I can run again!


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