Knee recovery 3 months out

I am now three months past my knee surgery. My knee pops often which is about freaky because I will just be walking along and pop!  Scares the crap out if me every time.

Here is the happy news… I got my bend back! It takes a lot of effort and it isn’t the most enjoyable feeling, but I did it!

My right leg is considerably smaller than my left muscle wise. It looks like a chicken leg and is obviously weaker. I have been told it will take months to get the muscle built back up.


My physical therapist has instructed me to do single leg work at about 30% of the weight I would lift with both legs. So I do single leg curls and single leg leg press


All in all my recovery is still on track. I can use the elliptical, (my mile is 8:35  say What!).  I also do lunges and air squats.

I actually do my squats on a half exercise ball thing. It is a little more challenging and it work on my lack of balance.


I go to the Dr next week.

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