Knee update

I thought I was healing nicely… no crutches, no brace and for the most part walking without any trouble. Stubbornly try to play in a charity kickball tournament and re-injure it. All I did was step and throw the ball, I swear. I wasn’t diving, jumping or sprinting. I was trying to be a good girl. On the bright side I did get the out. That’s the important part right?

So Hubs to the rescue. Swoops in like superman again as he whisper yells I told you not to play. Imagine some colorful words thrown in there. His co-workers take me to the dr. Oh ya we were playing in a charity tournament on a Friday and his work was hosting the team. So he couldn’t really take me to the dr as he was the captain and they kinda needed him. The car ride was a little awkward. Not going to lie.

They take me to a convenient care type place instead of the ER. It was pretty funny as the nurse is just doing her job and asking me questions and I was all nope don’t need that or that or that. Just here for x-rays. I have the meds and the brace and the crutches at home.  After waiting for the dr for forever he comes in checks my ligaments and then refers me for an MRI and to ortho. No x-rays.

As you can guess I was feeling ticked off at the situation and threw myself a pretty big pity party. I’m over it now and back in recover mode. Which sucks by the way…

I had my MRI on Thursday. It was a weird experience and hopefully one I won’t have to do again. Thankfully I was only in the tube up to my chest otherwise I might have freaked out. I managed to not move even though I felt like I was.  After the MRI the tech asked me if it hurts closer to my shin. I’m guessing he saw something. I won’t know for sure until my ortho appointment. Which is of course at the beginning of November. That means I will have been injured for about two months by the time I see the freaking dr.

Hindsight is 20/20. We should have set up an MRI and an appointment with ortho when I first hurt it. Not much I can do about it now, but wait and try not to hurt myself any worse. They said that I could just be walking and my knee could go out. So until I see the dr to have a clue what is going on I have to be very careful.

The picture on  the left is my leg tonight. The picture on the right is after I re-injured it. So about 9 days between pictures.


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