Knee week 3 1/2

I had my post op today. My Dr removed the steristrip over my sutures and my sutures. The scar is pretty jagged. He suggested scar cream. I haven’t tried it yet.


He went over the pictures from my surgery All in all everything went great. I still have about 90% of my meniscus, and my acl is currently being held with plastic screws that will eventually dissolve. The swelling will also continue to go down.


The chances of me re-tearing my meniscus or acl is about 5%. The chances of my left knee tearing is about 10-15%. I just have to try not to worry about it.

Here is my least favorite therapy exercise. You allow gravity to pull your leg straight. If gravity isn’t enough you can add an ankle weight. You can see I still have a long way to go compared to my left leg.



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