Lack of technology

My hubby and I decided when the kids were born that they would have minimal technological items to play with. They are allowed one movie or show a day if we have time. They occasionally get to play a game on our phones. Now that they are in school the do get to use computers and ipads in their classes. We still don’t allow it at home, and it is getting to be more of a struggle when they play with their friends. Mostly because their friends have their own technology that they are gluing their noses in. At the ages of 5 and 7 I must say we have done a pretty good job at sticking to our decision.

This has meant that there have been a lot of returns to stores after holidays.

You may be wondering why we keep technology minimal. The answer is simple. We want them to be kids, and use their imaginations. We want them to play outside and develop friendships and social skills through playing with others.

As a teacher I have witnessed parents pick their kids up from school and automatically hand them a phone, put on a movie or hand them an ipad for the short drive home. Where is the bonding between parent and child? How does the parent learn about the child’s day? This is so sad. A car ride home is the perfect time to bond, communicate and educate a child. It has minimal distractions, the passing environment can provide questions, and it shows the child that the parent cares about what they have experienced that day.

Here is some background for you. It has been found through several studies that from the age s of three months up to around 8 years that a childs brain make over 400 connections a minute. That their brains develops over 250,000 cells a day. Think about it. If your child is glued to a technological device what kind of connections are they making. Are they positive? Are they helping your child’s natural growth and development? Plus what is your child experiencing?

I know that many parents don’t agree with my way of thinking. Just keep this in mind, we have to help our children’s brains develop. They develop though touch, talk, and positive experiences.  If a child’s mind is exposed to stress they will be more likely to become sick, have difficulty coping with things and it could affect their growth and development.

Just some food for thought. I wanted to share what we have decided and what I know though my career. Parent how you see fit. I don’t how your days are planned out. Maybe they chill in the car ride and then talk your ear off at the dinner table. It’s your kid and you know them best.  Off the soap box.

Peace out and happy randomness. I have a some zombies to get ready to run from.

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