Last week with the Elves.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! We had a very busy and fun last few days with Holly and Elvin visiting us. I know that Bug and B will be looking forward to the next year.

IMG_20141220_214956 IMG_20141220_215009 The elves used Christmas streamers to block the kids hallway. It was so fun to hear the kids laughing and pulling the streamers down.

IMG_20141221_224132 The next night the elves played in some snow. We haven’t had any snow yet, so I guess they brought some from the North Pole. It ended up all over the kitchen table and floor when the kids found them.

IMG_20141222_231348 The elves brought mini chalkboards tow days before they had to leave. It was a good thought, but the kids broke the chalk pretty quick. Plus chalk dust ended up everywhere.

IMG_20141224_220419 On the Eve of Christmas Eve the Elves brought the Santa key.  We don’t have a chimney so Santa uses the magic key to come in the house and leave the presents.

IMG_20141224_220431 IMG_20141224_220535 On Christmas Eve Holly and Elvin left with Santa. We will see them again next year on teh day after Thanksgiving.

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