Lego creations

B has been into Lego’s for a while now. Bug has just started really getting into them. So now both kids are leaving Lego pieces all over the house. B will build what the instructions show crazy fast. My father-in-law was helping him build a fire truck from Lego City and he kept trying to get B to slow down. Then he realized that B was three pages ahead of him, and flying through putting the pieces together lol. Once he has built it, he has no problem with free building. He makes some of the coolest things!

IMG_20150111_163432 IMG_20150111_163440

Bug just started getting into Lego’s via Lego Friends. She is a follow the directions and leave it that way kind of girl. She has no problem building with B’s Lego’s though.


It really doesn’t matter how they build, or what they build though. I am happy that they work together, and for the most play nicely when they have the Lego’s out. I know that the hubs and I will build with them too and make it a family thing. It is just crazy how different Lego’s are from when I was a kid. I remember having the red, hard suitcase looking thing for my Lego’s. There wasn’t a rhyme or reason to what I wold build, mostly houses I think. Now there all kinds of sets and themes, that my kids want to build from. It makes me feel old…

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