Lessons from this week.

As I have mentioned I am a teacher. I have my Montessori certification, my BS is Elementary Education and my MS in Elementary Education. My class room is normally Pre-K. This summer I am teaching our Summer Camp kids ages 6-10 though. Any who, this week we have been learning about the Jungle and we completed a couple really cute art projects.

First we made Parrots. Take a small paper plate and trace it onto construction paper color of choice.  That is the head. I used a regular sized paper plate with the ridges cut off for the body. The students painted that. I drew out the beak, feathers and feet. The students than cut out the pieces and glued the body together.

 The parrot pieces.  parrot pieces

The Parrot glued together. I think it looks kind of like an angry bird. glued together parrot

The finished parrot. It turned out so cute!  finished parrot

We also made snakes. I had the class make paper links for the body. For the head I drew out a rounded triangle. Add a little split paper tounge and draw on some eyes and it is done.

snake head side snake front snake

bulletin board

We also completed a really cool science project. If you take jaw breakers or gobstoppers and put them in water, the colors won’t mix! Our hypothesis is that the colors are made of something heavier than the water and since we didn’t stir them, they didn’t mix.

experiment experiment 2

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