Malificent and Dragon Costume

This Halloween my kids decieded to be Malificent and the dragon. So off to pinterest I go for some ideas, and I came up with a plan. Malificent was pretty easy.

The Malificent costume was pretty easy.I purchased a long black maxi skirt, long sleeved black shirt black boots and a black cape.  I made her staff out of a wrapping paper tube wrapped in black duck tape and a styrofoam ball painted green and glitter glued. Her horn was tin foil shaped like horns, wrapped in black duck tape and then taped to a head band. Then wala it was done.

The dragon was more time consuming for sure. I bought about 2 yards of black fabric, black felt, black hoodie and sweat pants, a black poster board, stuffing and liquid stitch. I first cut out and hand sewed the tail pieces together. When I cut it I went from wide to a rounded tip. Then I sewed it together and left a large enough hole to be able to stuff it. I used two long scraps as a way to tie the tail to my son. I then used cut the black felt into triangles and liquid stitched them to make them stand up. That was the hardest part! The wings were poster board. I wrapped them in black duct tape to make them stand out. I safety pinned the wings to his shirt.

IMG_20151025_202758 IMG_20151025_202824 IMG_20151031_135239 IMG_20151031_135249IMG_20151031_135321

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