Movie review: Beastly

The other day I had the chance to have the house and tv all to my self! It was glorious!

With that said I hopped onto my amazon prime and searched for a movie. I decided I would pick the first one that caught my eye, and then if I didn’t like it I would pick another one. I picked one and moved on. The next pick was Beastly. It was very Beauty and the Best with a “Tale as old time” vibe, but not so similar to the beloved fairy tale that I couldn’t get into it. It was set in modern day high school of all places. A witch (Mary Kate Olsen) curses the popular, hot guy(Alex Pettyfer).  Obviously he isn’t an A list actor as I have no clue who he is Shrugs.  She gives him a pretty wicked tattoo. He has 1 year to find someone to love him (tattoo plays a pretty big role). He decides that Lindy  (Vanessa Hudgens) is a safe bet as she is a romantic and all that jazz. Neil Patrick Harris plays a blind tutor by the way…

Typical make you feel good B list movie. It came out in 2011 . Has some decent soundtracks, and is a movie you could veg out on. I’ll probably watch it again. It’s kid friendly so its not one I have to wait for the kids to go to bed to watch. I also like the “Love is never ugly” quote they have going on.


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