No good.

Today was rough. I had labeled the day  shitty before 10 am. I consumed chocolate, and didn’t really get much done at work other than pouting. I felt I was having a horrible, no good, very bad day. Sadly it wasn’t because I am child and couldn’t have the shoes that I wanted. Though as a women it is very possible for me to get upset over shoes. It was all work related and just made me want to go home and go back to bed. Instead of going to bed I ran three miles. Which felt like forever, and I can tell I need to run more and go to the gym less if I want to do my half in  2 hours or faster. I also made some fanfreakingtastic burgers for dinner. I can’t claim originality, and I got the recipe from a friend of ours who made them for us one night. Would you all like the recipe. It’s pretty simple but makes the burgers taste wonderful. Salt and pepper rub the burgers on both sides. You can go as heavy as you want on it. Drizzle soy sauce over the burgers on each side as well. Then lightly sprinkle garlic powder and crushed red pepper on them. Grill to your liking and enjoy the flavors as they attack your taste buds.

Today sucked king kongs balls. My family gave me hugs and my run and dinner helped. I’m sure I will have another piece of chocolate too. Positive thoughts: tomorrow is Friday. I get to eat a left over burger for lunch, and I get to go to bed soon to put this day behind me.

Sorry no pictures of the burgers. Wasn’t thinking about it when I was cooking.

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