One foot in front of the other

All you have to do is get up and put one foot in front of the other. It doesn’t matter how fast or far you go. The more you run, walk or jog the faster and farther you will go each time.

Ok with that said, on to me and my running. Ever since I screwed up my IT band while training I have been struggling. I can make all of the excuses I want, but it won’t make up for the fact that I have lost conditioning and I know the lack of exercise has been messing up my moods and how I feel. Yes, we have been busy with all the ball going on. Yes, I have been working a lot. Yes, I haven’t been gong to the gym due to the other two points I just mentioned. (Plus I’m not really sure I like my new gym).

My point is, I have been running when the urge hits me. I’m not running far and I don’t feel like I am going fast (my pace watch says differently. Thankfully!!) Either way when I get going I keep putting one foot in front of the other. I listen to my music and when I feel like I have ran enough I quit. I’m not training so it’s not a huge deal that I’m not running my ass off.

Tonight I ran 2 miles, and let the stress fly away.  I need to run more often and I will now that things are slowing back down.

I truly enjoy working out. I was an athlete when I was younger. Then I lost my mojo for a while. Thankfully I found it again and I feel better, I’m healthier and the hubs and I are teaching our kids to be healthy through example.

I will leave you with my random thoughts of the run.

1. I should have peed before I started.

2. I bet my neighbors that are outside think I’m crazy for running in circles.

3. Wow commercials suck. I need my premium spotify back.

4. I’m going to blog about this. 🙂

You may not like running. You may think I’m crazy (you can join my neighbors on that one). I like it, it challenges me and helps me relax. What do you enjoy? Let me know and I might try it out. I recently read about gyms having parkour classes. I think that would be frickin’ awesome. Who’s with me?

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