Our first family vacation

We finally took the kids to the most magical place on Earth. It was our first official family vacation, and we managed to not kill each other!

For starters we decided to road trip it. A massive thank you to whoever decided books should have an audio option! We listened to Harry Potter book3 and most of book 4.  The kids also had their travel bags thanks to my mom. She even wrapped up prizes this go round. We left on a Thursday night and made it Saturday evening. We stopped about 3 hours from home Thursday night and then decided to make a detour for our Friday night stop. We went to New Orleans people.

IMG_20160618_090307 IMG_20160617_204626 IMG_20160617_223727 IMG_20160618_065457 IMG_20160618_082557


We stayed at the Holiday Inn near the Super Dome. It was a pretty decent stay. The beds were comfy and we were within walking distance to the French Quarter. Yes we are those parents that took their kids to the French Quarter at 8pm on a Friday night. We did a good job of finding a restaurant quickly if you get my drift. We ate gator and oysters too.  Look at us being all adventurous. The kids had beads thrown to them from a balcony and the next more we ate beigniets at Cafe Du Mond and hit the road.

We stayed at the Mystic Dunes Resort in Celebration FL. I would recommend staying there. It was kid friendly, quiet, and the pool was open late. Our villa had a screened in porch too. The bed was comfy and the bathroom was huge. We did end up with a small pool each time we used the master shower lol.

We spent 5 whirl wind days at the Disney parks. We fast passed everything that we could. You can schedule 3 fast passes a day and when you check into you third thing you can add another. So we used that to our advantage. We all had so much fun and made some wonderful memories. The storm troopers at Hollywood studios were awesome. They interacted with the kids and even chased B when he ran from them yelling Stop and Halt. Bug was picked to pull the sword from the stone and she met her favorite princess. Our favorite ride was Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom.

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We went down to Miami to go to the beach (were we got crazy burnt) and to go to the Marlins vs Cubs game. Our Cubbies didn’t win, but we had great seats and managed to get a couple of autographs. We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott is South Beach. The room was decent, we had a balcony overlooking the pool. They had 2 different pools and we were right on the beach.

IMG_20160624_125318 IMG_20160625_152244 IMG_20160625_160725 IMG_20160625_174424

We left Sunday morning drove all day, stopped for the night and then got home around 5pm. Not bad for driving 20 hours right?

All in all, we have decided that our vacation was a success. We did decide that if we go back to Florida there is a great chance that we will fly instead of drive lol.

Obviously this isn’t all of our vacation details or pictures. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.




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