Our Frozen birthday party!

I made my daughter very happy yesterday. I managed to make her Frozen birthday party awesome for her.  I’m not sure if I would have done anything differently. It all ended up pretty much the way I imagined it would. I will call this a win!

For decorations I made a couple of posters, and hung up some streamers, ribbons and paper snowflakes.

DSC07349 DSC07347 DSC07424DSC07348

We played games as well. They wrapped each other up in toilet paper to be snowmen, then had a toilet paper snow fight. To end the party they went on a Frozen quote scavenger hunt, that ended where we had the party favor bags.

DSC07381 DSC07373 DSC07461

For the cake I made an ice cream cake, and cupcakes. The ice cream cake had the dairy queen type crunchy stuff in it.

DSC07445 DSC07444 DSC07443

To end the party, the guest took home party favor bags that had rock candy, insta snow, hershey’s kisses, glow in the dark bracelets and fake tattoos.DSC07356 DSC07355 DSC07354 DSC07353 DSC07352 DSC07351

I got a majority of my ideas off of pinterest. Here are the links to those pins.

How To: Homemade Ice Cream Cake Crunchies & Homemade Magic Shell Topping

Frozen Scavenger Hunt


Free Printables: Disney’s FROZEN Activity Sheets


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