Knee recovery 2 months out

I am now 2 months post acl replacement and meniscus trim. The swelling is down, my scar is healing and I can straighten my knee. The weirdest thing so far is breaking the scar tissue. My knee will pop aa it happens and I can feel things moving around.



My bend is currently at 122 degrees. If you recall my Dr wants my bend to be closer to 140. One of the fun therapy exercises that I do to improve my bend is to pull my foot forward towards my head. Kind of like a quad stretch. I use a scarf at home but I use yoga straps in therapy.


I am using the elliptical, leg press, leg curl, and a few movement and balance exercises. I am still wearing my brace like a good girl unless I’m asleep, in therapy or at the gym.

I have about another month before I go back to the Dr. He will fit me for my athletic brace at that time. I also hope he tells me I can walk and such without my post surgery brace.

All in all, I’m improving. I am looking forward to the day I can run again!


Baby shower

One of my good friends is about to have a baby girl. With this in mind my friend  and I threw her a shower. It wasn’t anything huge or massively time consuming.



Decorations were minimal.

We had chips and queso, a veggie tray, chocolate covered strawberries and a cookie cake. I made the strawberries and the icing for the cookie  (plus iced it).

IMG_20160227_141041 IMG_20160227_140837

We were silly and had her blow out candles too!

We played a couple games and had a couple activities as well. Our first game was a guess which  celebrity mommy you were game. The second game was a take care of your bitty baby or they can get kidnapped game. (I found both ideas on pinterest).

IMG_20160227_140908 IMG_20160227_140902

We also had the guests write a message on a onsie for baby H, and messages on diapers for the late night changes.

IMG_20160227_160927 IMG_20160227_153926

It was a lot of fun and I know that the mommy to be enjoyed herself. That’s what matters!

B’s Star Wars birthday

I think that B’s Star Wars party was a success. He was so happy, and had so much fun with his friends. Of course Pinterest was a huge help! I also purchased his invites from etsy, but I don’t have a picture of them.

For the decorations I went pretty minimal. I printed off the banner letters, storm trooper faces and movie quotes from here. I did write out the big posters and drew the Darth Vader poster.

IMG_20160220_143917 IMG_20160216_074756 IMG_20160220_130449

For party favors, I made pool noodle light sabers. I bought the pool noodles on amazon. I cut them half, wrapped one end with black duct tape and used a silver sharpe to add a little detail. We used them in two of our party games.

IMG_20160215_223633 IMG_20160220_130456

I also made Star Wars popcorn, to put in their goody bags. I used this recipe. I used two bags of microwave kettle corn, and used mini m and m’s.  I love how the candy pops out!


I also printed off these masks. I printed, cut them out and then glued them to card stock to make them sturdier. I used thin elastic to hold them on the kids heads, but you could easily use ribbon or yarn instead.


For our games, we played find Darth Vader. I used a little Darth Vader eraser that I bought at Target in the dollar section.  The kids would close their eyes and I would hide it. Then the hunt was on.

We also played King of the Mountain with our light sabers. The kids went one on one and whoever tapped the other with the light saber was the winner. Bug won. Maybe we should sign her up for fencing. Look at that form!


We also played a baseball type game. They used their light sabers as bats and they had to hit the Darth Vader ball. I purchased it at Walmart.

IMG_20160220_140042  IMG_20160220_135817

It helps that B’s grandpa is a Star Wars fan and dressed up as a Jedi for Halloween last year.  This meant we had our very own Jedi for our party. B was pumped because he didn’t remember asking his grandpa to dress up.  A huge thanks to my step dad for being such a great sport!

IMG_20160220_134205                              IMG_20160220_142533IMG_20160220_142823


B wanted a BB-8 cake. It was actually pretty simple and I think it turned out as my best one yet! The hubs said it looked store bought. It took two circle cakes, with one cake cut in half for the top. I used my buttercream recipe.

IMG_20160220_094423 IMG_20160220_095850 IMG_20160220_102841IMG_20160220_130426



Knee week 3 1/2

I had my post op today. My Dr removed the steristrip over my sutures and my sutures. The scar is pretty jagged. He suggested scar cream. I haven’t tried it yet.


He went over the pictures from my surgery All in all everything went great. I still have about 90% of my meniscus, and my acl is currently being held with plastic screws that will eventually dissolve. The swelling will also continue to go down.


The chances of me re-tearing my meniscus or acl is about 5%. The chances of my left knee tearing is about 10-15%. I just have to try not to worry about it.

Here is my least favorite therapy exercise. You allow gravity to pull your leg straight. If gravity isn’t enough you can add an ankle weight. You can see I still have a long way to go compared to my left leg.



1 week after surgery

Today is officially 1 week after my surgery. I am still a little sore, swollen and brused. IMG_20160120_082643IMG_20160120_082636

I started physical therapy on Monday and I’m about able to straighten my leg! I haven’t been able to fully straighten my leg for months. Does a mental happy dance, as a real one would probably be a bad idea.

So far for PT  I do hamstring stretches, heel slides, tighten my quad and release it, and I get the fun emp things.  I can do all of the exercises at home as well, besides the emp.IMG_20160118_131818

I am walking with both crutches, and putting a slight amount of weight on my leg. Next week at therapy we are going to work on using only 1 crutch.

I see the end in sight. It’s a while off but I see it. It’s like I’m in the 11th mile of a half marathon.

3 days post surgery

I was able to shower today!

It took some time to get situated, but I think it was the best shower I have had in a long time.

We put a chair outside the shower so I could get undressed. Then still in my brace, using my crutches and with the hubs help I got in. Our shower has a built-in bench so I was able to sit and shower.

I was also able to see what my knee looks like. I no longer need it wrapped, but I have to continue to wear my brace and stay off of it. IMG_20160116_110433



Knee surgery

Yesterday I had my zombie ligament put in. I had two nerve block shots before I went back to surgery. It numbed me so well that I’m just now feeling my toes.

They replaced my acl with a cadaver ligament and they trimed up my meniscus.

I’m not feeling the best, but so far my pain meds are controlling the pain meds and Zofran controlling the pukey feeling.

IMG_20160113_103357 at the hospital before surgery.

14527925181201079955770 1 day after surgery. The brace is set to not let me bend my knee. As I go to physical therapy they will adjust the brace so I can bend it.

4 days until surgery

I has my pre-op on Wednesday. I am all set for surgery next Wednesday. Fully functional knee here I come!

No vitamins, supplements, or anti-inflammatory meds. I can still take my prescription pain medicine, and tylenol. I can also drink alcohol up until 24 hours before surgery. That one confuses me a little. I guess because after an hour the one drink would be though my system?

I will admit that I have been stressing myself out. I am a planner.  I want to be as organized possible before I am unable to move. Makes sense right?  I have been everything a priority. Even the things I probably wouldn’t even worry about until 3 months from now.  If I’m driving myself crazy… I just…I… apologize… to everyone.

Any food suggestions? I’m running out of ideas.

Sorry! I can’t help! I have to be able to know we will live off something other than frozen pizza.


friends, 2 bottles of wine and a messy kitchen

I have 10 days until my knee surgery. With that said I am doing my best  to have as many things as I can prepped for when I will be recovering. Thankfully I have an awesome friend who is willing to help. Yesterday she came over and we cooked for about 8 hours. We went through two bottles of wine, trashed my kitchen, and by the time we were finished we didn’t want to move. We split the goods and each family has  about 7-8 meals in the freezer.  We made deep dish Chicago pizza, chicken alfredo, pancakes, veggie soup, chili, beef stroganoff, chicken enchiladas, calzones, roast and cookies!

Some of the things we learned during the great day of cooking:

~ Make fewer meals. We were exhausted by the time we were through.

~Make simpler meals. Some of the things we made were crazy time- consuming. Simple is just as tasty most of the time.

~ It is a blast to have a cooking buddy! We danced, we sang, we cooked. We each went through a bottle of wine, and had so much fun until about hour 6. That’s when we started to crash.

I do believe that we are going to try to do the great day of cooking in the future. Each time we cook will be a great experience and we will make some awesome memories.

Hey Hay Hay! I want to dance with somebody 🙂 Thanks so much for being an awesome friend and helping me out!


IMG_20160102_140744 IMG_20160102_140721 IMG_20160102_140727


Elves week 4 2015

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I know that we had a wonderful day. This was our last week with Holly and Elvin until next year. We are getting closer to the time when they will stop believing in the Big Man in red and that means the magic will leave our elves too. I am keeping my fingers crossed for at least one more year.

IMG_20151220_230333 Sunday night the elves made sure to hope in the bag the kids were taking to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  I don’t have a picture of what they did at my Mom’s on Monday night, but the Elves brought coloring books with colored pencils, and ducky finger nail brushes.

IMG_20151222_223803 IMG_20151222_223807 Tuesday night they dressed up like Dr.s . This really helped Bug go into her surgery for ear tubes Wednesday morning. (I used paper towels to make the lab coats. Fold the two outer sides in and cut arm holes).

The Hospital was so awesome that Dr. Holly was even allowed in the OR. As you can see Holly didn’t leaver her side before, during or after her surgery. Bug is healing up great!

IMG_20151223_064636  IMG_20151223_084724 (1)

IMG_20151223_223439 Wednesday night they brought the Santa key. Our fire place is electric so Santa uses the magic key to come in our house. (We got the key on sale after Christmas a couple of years ago at Hobby Lobby).

IMG_20151224_203023 IMG_20151224_203044 IMG_20151224_203357 

Last night we said good bye. B was full of love and told Elvin and Jack he would miss them and see them next year. Bug was a bit emotional that she had to say goodbye until next year.

IMG_20151224_203157 This is too funny not to share.


IMG_20151225_182057 Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2016 from my family to yours!