Messed up Meniscus

I managed to mess up my knee yesterday playing kickball.  It was my 4th game of the day and I was running from 1st to 2nd. I felt my knee slide in and out if that makes sense. It was such a weird feeling. I of course stopped sunning, yelled i’m hurt and in swoops the hubs like a super hero. Off to the er we went. Yay for x-rays! They couldn’t see any fluid building up so they don’t think I tore it. That is a blessing! I am now stuck in a knee immobilizer and on crutches for at least a week. Crutches are freaking evil! I feel useless and it sucks that I’m not able to even walk. As long as I feel no pain when I put weight on that leg after a week I won’t need to call the ortho dr.  My knee is crazy swollen though!


Sleeping Beauty Party

For C’s 8th birthday she wanted it to be themed after her favorite princess Aurora. Since there isn’t as much Sleeping Beauty out there at the moment I had to get a little creative.  I printed off the three fairies and a big image of Aurora. I made a couple of posters, using quotes and we hung up streamers.

IMG_20150912_163431 IMG_20150912_163454 IMG_20150912_163504 IMG_20150912_163520

We played wake the princess. C was the first to be the sleeping princess. Whoever made her last first was the second. We were joining in by helping out with jokes, and ideas to get them to giggle. Honestly I don’t think they enjoyed it and I probably wouldn’t have them play it again.


The other party activity that we had was for them to decorate their own pillow cases. I purchased fabric markers and stencils and provided the white pillow cases. They took their pillow case home as one of the party favors. They spent the majority of the party time being creative. I’m so glad that I picked this activity. My kids both put their personalized cases on their pillows as soon as the party was over.

IMG_20150912_140512 IMG_20150912_143322


C requested an ice cream cake again like she did last year. This one for some reason didn’t want to stay together. I used teh sixlet candies as decoration and made my own buttercream frosting. We also had cupcakes. If you want to know how I made the ice cream cake let me know. I will be happy to share it.



I love making my kids birthdays special. It stresses me out and it takes around a month of planning. It may not end up the way I imagine it, but they have always loved it.

Book review: A Girls Guide to Witchcraft


A Girls Guide to Witchcraft By: Mindy Klasky

I snagged this as on e of the free Kindle books from Amazon. It sounded like a fun quick read. Quick yes, fun not so much.

It started out great. Mousy library worker Jane has to take a pay cut and move. She moves into the library’s cottage and finds a key to the basement. Du Du Dun in the basement is a spell book and she reads a page from it. Wam bam what do you know she is a witch! You would think she would be all about learning the who, what, and hows but she is reluctant and absorbed in her imaginary love life.  I at first thought that she would move to focusing on herself and her new skills, but it never happened. I became annoyed and even though I finished the book, I would not read the next one. This book could have been a good read.


I play a kids game

Last weekend the hubs and I got up at the butt crack of 4:30 am to drive 3 hours away to spend the day playing in a charity kickball tournament. It was a blast but exhausting. We play on 3 different teams. Crazy right?

The reason I am writing this is because is we were in Illinois we probably wouldn’t be playing a kids game, and making awesome friends in the process. It is so much fun to kick the red ball around. It is competitive and friendly all at the same time. Our kids enjoy watching, playing in the dirt and kicking the ball and running the bases between games.

Not really sure what the point of this was, other than to share the fact that I play a kids a game and I’m pretty good at it.  Go try it. If not kickball how about softball. Have fun make new friends.

IMG_20150815_192247 IMG_20150813_184215 (1) Be jealous of my dirt tan line.

Movie review: Beastly

The other day I had the chance to have the house and tv all to my self! It was glorious!

With that said I hopped onto my amazon prime and searched for a movie. I decided I would pick the first one that caught my eye, and then if I didn’t like it I would pick another one. I picked one and moved on. The next pick was Beastly. It was very Beauty and the Best with a “Tale as old time” vibe, but not so similar to the beloved fairy tale that I couldn’t get into it. It was set in modern day high school of all places. A witch (Mary Kate Olsen) curses the popular, hot guy(Alex Pettyfer).  Obviously he isn’t an A list actor as I have no clue who he is Shrugs.  She gives him a pretty wicked tattoo. He has 1 year to find someone to love him (tattoo plays a pretty big role). He decides that Lindy  (Vanessa Hudgens) is a safe bet as she is a romantic and all that jazz. Neil Patrick Harris plays a blind tutor by the way…

Typical make you feel good B list movie. It came out in 2011 . Has some decent soundtracks, and is a movie you could veg out on. I’ll probably watch it again. It’s kid friendly so its not one I have to wait for the kids to go to bed to watch. I also like the “Love is never ugly” quote they have going on.


Book Review: A hot mess

I just wrapped up A Hot Mess by Zoe Dawson.

I will have to say that the book started out a little like the movie I know what you did last summer. It took me a couple of chapters to get past the similarity and into the book.  I really enjoyed the banter between the two main characters and the other two “outlaw’s” were fun additions. There was a good mix of suspense, comedy, romance, and believable feelings from the characters.  It was a quick read that does have books that will have characters from this book as the main characters.

The only real problem that I had with the book is that the characters ages didn’t really mesh with the way the plot flowed. The situations and attitudes of the characters seemed to be older than the young 20 somethings that the characters were supposed to be.

Happy reading!



Book review: Maggie For Hire

Maggie for hire is a supernatural book written by Kate Danley.

You are first introduced to Maggie as she kicks  vampires butt, and deals with the emotions of having a father that is presumed dead. She is hired to save the world from her evil uncle that she didn’t know she had. The challenge is finding what she needs while fighting off vampires.

All of the characters are entertaining and are willing to do what is necessary to help Maggie succeed.

It is a fun quick read, and it is the first book in a series so we will get to follow Maggie on her next adventure.


Fashion envy

I have always been a jeans and tank top type of girl.  I  go for comfort, and clothes I can move in. I wear flip flops and pull my hair up in pony tails.  I quit wearing make up once I gradated high school. I own more flats and running shoes than I do high heels.

I  admit that I sometimes have fashion envy though. I will see someone dressed professionally heading off to work after they have dropped their child in my school’s care. I see them dressed in  freshly pressed slacks, fitted jacket and heels. I look at me and I’m in jeans a plain t- shirt and flip flops. They look like they are ready to take some names and kick butt. I am more likely to shout some names and wipe a butt lol.

I see awesome clothes and outfits and wonder what they would like on me. If the outfit or accessory would add some flare to my mostly plain jane wardrobe. I will wonder if the outfit would help me enroll a few more students, or gain some more respect. Will it help me become the great and powerful oz? I’m pretty sure everyone has those thoughts. It’s part of being a woman. We want to feel and look pretty.

So I have confessed that even though I’m a jeans and flip flops kind of girl, I too want to rock heels and a power suit sometimes. I doubt I would be comfortable. I also doubt that I could run after kids in 6 inch heels.  I do know that I can do my hair and make up and wear something dressy. The fact that I don’t do it every day is what makes it special special and fun.

I don’t need clothes to make an impression. I am awesome all on my own.

DSC04631 DSC04585


One foot in front of the other

All you have to do is get up and put one foot in front of the other. It doesn’t matter how fast or far you go. The more you run, walk or jog the faster and farther you will go each time.

Ok with that said, on to me and my running. Ever since I screwed up my IT band while training I have been struggling. I can make all of the excuses I want, but it won’t make up for the fact that I have lost conditioning and I know the lack of exercise has been messing up my moods and how I feel. Yes, we have been busy with all the ball going on. Yes, I have been working a lot. Yes, I haven’t been gong to the gym due to the other two points I just mentioned. (Plus I’m not really sure I like my new gym).

My point is, I have been running when the urge hits me. I’m not running far and I don’t feel like I am going fast (my pace watch says differently. Thankfully!!) Either way when I get going I keep putting one foot in front of the other. I listen to my music and when I feel like I have ran enough I quit. I’m not training so it’s not a huge deal that I’m not running my ass off.

Tonight I ran 2 miles, and let the stress fly away.  I need to run more often and I will now that things are slowing back down.

I truly enjoy working out. I was an athlete when I was younger. Then I lost my mojo for a while. Thankfully I found it again and I feel better, I’m healthier and the hubs and I are teaching our kids to be healthy through example.

I will leave you with my random thoughts of the run.

1. I should have peed before I started.

2. I bet my neighbors that are outside think I’m crazy for running in circles.

3. Wow commercials suck. I need my premium spotify back.

4. I’m going to blog about this. 🙂

You may not like running. You may think I’m crazy (you can join my neighbors on that one). I like it, it challenges me and helps me relax. What do you enjoy? Let me know and I might try it out. I recently read about gyms having parkour classes. I think that would be frickin’ awesome. Who’s with me?

IMG_20150629_202141 IMG_20150629_202119

Coaching isn’t easy

We have finally wrapped up our softball and baseball seasons. Of course that doesn’t mean we our done by any means.

I guess I should explain huh? The hubs coached B’s 6U baseball team. I coach C’s 8U machine pitch softball team. I love that we are able to have such an active roll in our kids sports.  It isn’t easy but, we do it and for the most enjoy it. The positives out weigh the negatives.


1. We get front seats to all the behind scenes action.

2. Our kids know that we support them, and will do all that we can to help them improve and enjoy the game.

3. It brings up wonderful memories of when I used to play.

4. It gives us something to connect with our kids over, and we get to help them build a life long bond with their team.

5. Not only are we developing their skills, and love for the game but we are helping keep their view focused on the positives and how awesome they are!


1. It can be stressful, and it is time consuming.

2. Sometimes the parents don’t always understand what or why we are doing something. Trust me there is a reason and it isn’t because we hate your child. We want them to learn the game, stay safe and have fun.

3. It can be hard to be a coach and a parent. We try to leave it all on the field, but sometimes it isn’t easy.

With both of us coaching there is a lot of split nights where we see each other in passing. There is nights and days that we are planning and coming up with ways to help the teams become better players. I don’t think we would change it for the world. Not only do we see the smiles on C and B’s faces, but our players as well.

My advice if you are a coach or are thinking about coaching. Stay positive,  the players do better without feeling like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. Make sure your players know that they win as a team and lose as a team. It isn’t just their victory if they scored the final run, and isn’t just their error if they dropped the ball.  Keep it fun. They are kids that are learning new skills that can often be difficult. If they get frustrate they won’t learn it or will make more errors. Being a coach is rewarding, fun and challenging. Enjoy it!

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