Pink eye…

Pink eye also known as conjunctivitous is a pink, watery itchy, burning and sometimes goopy eye infection. There are different types and causes for it. Sadly, it has been spreading throughout my school. We have been sending students home and parents have been taking them to dr. Any student that we send home+

with a possible case of pink eye must be seen by a Dr. They have to be on antibiotics for it or have a drs note saying that what they have is not pink eye.

Well my kids have been out of school for Christmas break and have been coming to my school with me. Tonight before bed, Bug came up to me with a pink watery eye and she says it itches. Convient care is closed and I know that eventually it will go away on its own (if it gets too bad we will head to the Dr for antibiotic drops). This isn’t my first go round with pink eye. I have done eye drops from the Dr. and I have let it do its thing and use warm compresses until it was gone. It sucked but it worked.

Well off to Pinterest I went to see what I could use that we all ready have in the house. I saw many different blogs saying to use honey and tea or even breast milk.  1. I think honey would be a big mess, and it will have to wait to be tried sometime other than right before bed. 2. We don’t drink tea. 3. My kids are 5 and 7. I stopped nursing a long time ago.  Then I stumbled upon one that suggested coconut oil at this link That I have.  In fact I always have coconut oil. It is awesome at softening skin, killing lice and conditioning dry hair.

This is the brand that I use: 41W9nFEvMQL._SY300_

So I put some coconut oil on a cotton ball, and had Bug hold it to her closed eye for about 20 minutes. She fell asleep while doing this so I’m not sure how it has worked so far. After the 20 minutes were up I took a warm rag and wiped the coconut oil off. I know that warm compresses help relive the pain, and de-goop the eye. I guess we will have to wait and see how she is doing in the morning.



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