Preschool graduation 2016

This year our preschool graduation theme was Wizard of oz. Our graduates sang Off to see the wizard as they walked into the room. Instead of a when I grow up, or my favorite thing about school presentation they presented what they would ask the wizard for.

Our decorations were minimal, but they were a perfect backdrop.

IMG_20160520_103239 IMG_20160520_103252 IMG_20160520_104027 IMG_20160520_104041 IMG_20160520_104048 IMG_20160520_104034

Our Summer kickoff also had Wizard of Oz themed games.

Pin the heart on the tin man, Flying Monkey Knock Down, Stuff the Scarecrow and witch hat ring toss.


At this moment I can’t get the other photos to upload. I’ll keep trying 🙂

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