Road trips: The good, bad and sleepy

Whew it has been a whirlwind the last few days. We road tripped back to IL for the Hubs grandparents 65th wedding anniversary. It is about a 9 hour drive one way. So the packing began last Wednesday night after Bug’s softball game. I had delivered the dog to my mom for her to puppy sit the previous night. Packing four people, cleaning the house and trying to keep two very excited kids calm takes a lot of a girl.

Thankfully before each road trip my mom makes the kids travel bags. I apologize for a lack of pictures but once we get in the car toys, crayons and snacks tend to get opened in the first 5 minutes lol. She doesn’t spend much on the bags but they are helpful. We also listen to a book. This trip it was Harry Potter. We listened to the first book and some of the second.  I had to be the mean mom during the drive there. We got so tired of the “are we there yet, how much longer? and the where are we’s?” That I used an idea I saw on Pinterest and each time they asked I threw a piece of candy out the window. It only took two time.

We stayed with my in-laws. We got in around 9 pm Thursday night. We spend Friday chilling and picking cherries and strawberries. Every meal that we ate on Saturday was at a restaurant with various family members. Sunday was the anniversary party and family pictures. We left Sunday night and drove through night. We managed to get home at 5:30 am and we crashed.  Of course the kids were up and ready at 8am.  Didn’t have time for a nap. So sleepy…

All in all it was a good but busy weekend. B was for sure over stimulated and has had a bit of a rough day. C has been bored, and the hubs and I are in need of another day off to catch up on sleep and maybe finish the 2nd Harry Potter book.

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